Juno Promo Code

Are you in New York but you are tired of using Uber and Lyft? Well, there is another option called Juno.

Juno Promo Code

Uber and Lyft already exist, how is this any different? How many of these rideshare services can there be? Juno claims to be “driver” friendly. In other rideshare services, the drivers are considered independent contractors. With Juno, the drivers get ownership of the company and employee status. If you still want to go through the independent contractor option, Juno offers that as well. Fifty percent of the equity goes to the drivers. Juno also has many other policies that will be of interest to the driver.

  • With Juno Drivers will be able to receive tips
  • Also, drivers can block problematic riders
  • Drivers will be provided with a 24-hour support line
  • Juno provides their drivers with a phone and will pay for their data

Compared to Uber, Juno takes a smaller cut from ever ride (10% as opposed to 20 to 25%). This is what attracts drivers to work for Juno as well as the other benefits. Juno drivers can make more per ride than if they were with another rideshare service. If you care about the well-being of your driver when you use rideshare services, consider using Juno for your next ride.

How did Juno begin?

Juno co-founder, Talmon Marco sold his previous company for $900 million. That is when he saw an opportunity to compete with Lyft and Uber. Instead of recruiting new drivers through referral bonuses, he decided to do something different. Talmon made the benefits of joining Juno so good that no one can deny them. When he says that drivers are a partner of the company, he means it. He wants to provide the same services that Uber and Lyft do, but he is treating his employees better in the process. The company continues to grow and now has 10,000 weekly drivers.

Recently, Uber cut fares earlier. This encouraged drivers to participate in the carpooling service. This basically cut into their income as a result, left many drivers unhappy with Uber. The company has also been hit with lawsuits, both relating to the workers as well as various other scandals. Talmon is transparent with his company and sometimes even personally responds to complaints.

How do I use Juno?

First, download the app from the app store. Once you have inputted all your information, you will be ready to use Juno rideshare service. Input the address of where you want to be picked up and where you want to go and the nearest Juno driver will pick you up! Before you confirm your trip, the total price is displayed for you to see. If you have used other rideshare apps before, you will notice that Juno’s is very similar. If you have used other rideshare apps before, this will be refreshing. The interface of the app is very intuitive and easy to use.

For the time being, Juno is only services the New York area but are looking to expand. If you are driving outside of New York City, you can sign up with advanced registration and secure a low commission of 10.5% during Juno’s first twenty-four months. If you want Juno to operate in your city, go and sign up. Soon, Juno will be available in more cities in the United States and who knows where they will stop? The possibilities for Juno are endless and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Owning a car is not ideal

In many cities like New York City or San Francisco, owning a car is just not ideal. In New York City, there is so much traffic that it is much better to use public transportation or walk to your destination. Some people in those cities go their whole lives without using a car. Many people use rideshare services for some of their trips around the city while also using public transportation. There is just no room in their life for a car. Juno is just one of many options these people use and it may be the best one.

Having a rideshare service like Juno is especially great after a night out in New York City. With all of the attractions and options for entertainment, it helps to have a way to enjoy all of them. If you have an adventure planned throughout the city, let Juno help you. You could start your day in Central Park and have a Juno driver take you to a club or fancy restaurant in the evening. It is definitely better than taking a cab.

Like a lot of the other rideshare companies, Juno offers three types of services.

  • Bliss
  • Luxe
  • SUV

Each option is like the equivalent options that Uber has. You can use whichever option is appropriate for your trip. One thing you may notice is that there is no “pool” option. Many drivers say that this sort of option unnecessarily increases their workload while decreasing their profits.

There is also a fairer rating system than those of the other companies. Drivers will not be able to rate riders but Juno will roll off five percent of each driver’s lowest ratings. Also, Juno allows drivers to block problematic riders. Customers will also be able to tip their drivers within the app.

Giving the service a try

While visiting New York, I decided to try out their service. I figured that since I had the code, why not? After visiting my friend at his apartment, I used Juno to get to the airport. I opened the app and requested a ride. Within ten minutes, my driver pulled up and was ready to take me to the airport. The vehicle was well maintained and clean which was refreshing. My driver got out of his vehicle to greet me and personally pack my stuff in the trunk. My ride to the airport was pretty smooth and my driver took the most ideal route to the airport avoiding traffic.

During my ride to the airport, I had a pleasant conversation with my driver. I asked him how it was to drive for Juno and he was satisfied with working for Juno. He has worked for other rideshare companies in the past but none of them compared to Juno. He works for Juno full time but still drives for Uber part time. I asked a couple basic questions about the app and how it was driving for Juno. He had a positive demeanor throughout the whole ride and seemed genuinely happy to be driving me. I can imagine that is the same experience most people have when he picks them up.


One of the main benefits that he likes is the help line. There were many times when he was unable to get assistance while driving with Uber. He once had a flat tire while transporting a customer and was unable to get assistance in a timely manner. He was eventually able to get roadside assistance but had he been driving with Juno, the problem would have been solved sooner. The help line also gives him peace of mind when he is driving.

Obviously, no one intends to run into trouble while driving but there are some things we cannot control. Fortunately, the help line not only helps out the driver but the passenger as well. When you are getting a ride, you don’t want anything to impede you from getting to your destination but sometimes things happen that we cannot control. Because Juno takes care of their drivers, they will take care of you as well.

He also appreciates that a phone was provided for him and that his data was paid for. When working in the rideshare business, your phone is always on and it will use a lot of data for work. It isn’t fair that the driver has to pay for that data just to work. After hearing all of this, doesn’t it make you want to drive for Juno?

How do I sign up to drive for Juno?

To join as a driver, go to the Juno website and input your phone number where asked. When you receive the text, you will be invited to download the app. You will also be asked if you drive for Lyft and Uber. Juno only wants the best drivers working for them. Juno tries to recruit drivers with at least a 4.75 rating on other rideshare platforms. If you fulfill that criteria, you are definitely Juno material.

If you are tired of driving for Uber or Lyft and want an alternative, Juno is something you may be interested in. ­Why not let them give you a ride and see for yourself. With the promo code, that should be a no-brainer. Who knows, maybe after that ride, you’ll see the vision that Talmon created for his company and you can be a part of it as well. When you get contacted by Juno, you will meet with one of their representatives for coffee and find out if you are a good fit for the company.

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