Everything You Need To Know About the Lyft Affiliate Program

Lyft Affiliate Program. 8 Ways to Succeed!

So chances are, you’ve heard stories of people raking in thousands of dollars by doing affiliate work for Lyft. Well, I can tell you that those stories are all very true. Why, the very existence of PromoAffiliates is proof that that kind of money can be had from the Lyft affiliate program!

Now, after hearing stories of that kind of success, you probably want to get in on this for yourself. Completely understandable; and the great thing is that the Lyft affiliate program is pretty easy to get into. We’re going to help iron out some of the details for you here. And we’re even going to give you several tips on how to succeed in the Lyft affiliate program!

But first, it’s time to answer some questions.

What exactly is the Lyft affiliate program?

The Lyft affiliate program might be the best thing since sliced bread – other than Smucker’s strawberry jam and peanut butter. Being part of the Lyft affiliate program means you are a ride sharing, fist-bumping expert that wants to share freemium deals with everyone and anyone who might need a ride. After all, is there anything that’s easier than giving away free stuff? Yeah, there probably isn’t.

Yeah yeah, it’s amazing…but will I get paid?

If you’re in the Lyft affiliate program, you’re definitely going to get paid. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll add an extra $500 a month or more to your income. Some people do so well at this they do it full time.

Lyft has already become a staple in the ridesharing industry, as one of the top two companies in America. And as part of the Lyft affiliate program, you’ll get to leverage their accomplishments to make money for yourself. While there is many ways our Lyft ambassador’s promote Lyft’s services the top ways are the same. Promo card distribution, affiliate blogging, event promotions and just about anything you can think of. Anything where tons of people may need a freemium service.

That’s great. Buy why should I do Lyft and not Uber?

Well, why don’t you do Uber in addition to Lyft? There’s nothing that says you can’t be in the Lyft affiliate program and the Uber affiliate program both at once. PromoAffiliates can set you up to work for both CPA programs. After all, they’re both giants in the ridesharing industry, so you’d be a fool to only use one. And since PromoAffiliates is a third party company, there’s no being tied up by contracts. No competition clauses or restrictions will keep you from referring new riders to both platforms.

Note – PromoAffiliates believes that both Lyft and Uber are amazing services. Especially in comparison to conventional taxi services.

Lyft promo codes – your golden ticket

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - FEBRUARY 03: The Lyft app is seen on a passenger's phone on February 3, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Lyft)

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – FEBRUARY 03: The Lyft app is seen on a passenger’s phone on February 3, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Lyft)

Once you enter the Lyft affiliate program, we will give you your most important tool – your Lyft promo code. This is what you will be using to make money. The code is yours to do with as you see fit. But how you get it out there to new users, is up to you. You will earn money on a per-acquisition basis. In other words, you get paid every time someone uses your Lyft promo code.

Wait, how is the Lyft affiliate program different from the Lyft ambassador program?

Even though these sound like two terms for the exact same thing, they really are not. They are quite similar, but they have some glaring differences that really should not be ignored.

Lyft affiliate program Lyft ambassador program
Slightly smaller payout also slightly larger payout
No limit on earnings Solid earnings limit
More versatile promotion methods Less versatile; mostly street promotion.
Advantages: 2 Advantages: 1

It’s up to you to look at the table and see the differences between the two. Once you’ve done that, decide which one is best for you. But for those that want no cap on their potential earnings, then Lyft affiliate program is the best.

The natural order of things

1. You give away you Lyft promo code
2. The new user also downloads the Lyft app from the app store
3. They will have to set up their profile
4. They navigate to the settings menu, then promotions from there.
5. This is where they will enter your promo code!
6. They take their very first ride with Lyft
7. Payment comes through
Inputs is just one step…next is the first ride.

As part of the Lyft affiliate program, you will only get paid once the rider actually uses their promo code. What do I mean by actually using their Lyft promo code, you might ask? I mean they actually have to take their first ride with Lyft. Just entering your promo code isn’t enough. First ride must be complete for promo code to work.

Yeah yeah, sounds great; how do I sign up?

Getting starting with PromoAffiliates is likely the easiest part. Shoot us an email at aaron@promoaffiliates.com and also let us know that you want to apply. Tell us why you want to apply, and what would make you really good at it. Let us know what kind of strategies you plan to use, and also what ideas you’ve got. Just showing up isn’t enough; this isn’t liberal arts.