Lyft affiliate. How to become one, how to do well at it, and making the most

Lyft affiliate. How to become one, how to do well at it, and making the most

It really wasn’t that long ago that there was only one option to get from point A to point B. This is assuming, of course, that you don’t have a car, and public transit is not an option. You would call a number, tell them where you were, and where you needed to go. And later (sometimes almost an hour later,) they would show up to pick you up. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about.

I’m talking about the traditional taxi cabs.

So bad…but what else is there?

A lot of times, I would get inside the cab, and immediately the smell of smoke would overwhelm me. This isn’t usually because their passengers smoked. Most of the time, it was because the cab driver himself smoked. He would mumble, asking me where I was going, and I would tell him. I would always sit in the back seat; the front seat made the silent ride all the more awkward. And when I got where I needed to go, the fair would amount to around 35 dollars for several miles.

And then, our champion appeared on the horizon

For the longest time, this was the only way people could get places without driving themselves or taking public transportation. That is, until Lyft came along. Lyft changed things completely, with their user-friendly smartphone app. It allowed people who wanted to give rides, to give them to people who needed them. This provided a much-needed alternative to the traditional taxi cab companies. And Lyft, along with their competitor Uber, successfully revolutionized the on-demand transportation industry.

Keep on truckin’

         Since their debut in June 2012, Lyft has given millions of rides to the people in it’s many active locations. They have expanded to almost every major city in the United States of America, and are looking to go further. They want to make the jump and go worldwide, the same way Uber has gone. But as big as they are, Lyft needs help in order to reach that goal. They need more people here in the USA to use them. And for that, they need help from people like me, and you.

PromoAffiliates is now looking for more people to become a Lyft affiliate!

         Lyft has been working with PromoAffiliates for several years now. In fact, PromoAffiliates is one of the things that helped put Lyft into the mainstream for most users. We have helped them grow to a national level, and now we want to help them grow beyond that.

What is PromoAffiliates?

PromoAffiliates is a startup company that helps other startups reach their fullest potential. We work with companies to create ambassador campaigns, that help stimulate their growth and expand to more places. We work with many different companies, but Lyft was admittedly the first one.

From humble beginnings

         Back when they first launched in 2012, PromoAffiliates founder Aaron Leupp was one of the first Lyft affiliates. A struggling actor and promoter in the Los Angeles area, Leupp began passing his promo code out at the clubs he worked at and promoted for, which included the infamous Belasco night club. Once he started getting money from Lyft, he quickly realized that he could make more money promoting for startups than he could promoting for bars and clubs. So he switched to being a full-time Lyft affiliate, and before long his hunch proved correct; he had more money than ever.

One day, he realized that there were many people who wanted to be Lyft affiliates like him. But Leupp realized that reaching out to startups wasn’t easy for people new to the business. So he established PromoAffiliates in 2013 to help bridge that gap. The rest, is history.

Become a Lyft affiliate, help them grow, and get paid to do it!


         This is probably the section you came here to read. Becoming a Lyft affiliate means that you’re committed to helping Lyft achieve their goal of expanding as much as possible. You’ll do this, simply by spreading the good word.

Don’t worry, you won’t be going door to door like some kind of Jehovah’s Witness. What you’ll be doing, is spreading the word in a more modern and productive way. You will be giving your very own Lyft promo code out for first-time users to give Lyft a try with. And every time someone uses your promo code…you get paid.

This sounds awesome! How do I sign up?

Just a moment, there. Before you jump right into being a Lyft affiliate, there’s a few things you need to know. First, you need to know that being a Lyft affiliate is NOT a simple, easy way to get rich. There’s LOTS of work involved before you see thousands. Also, it is NOT a pyramid scheme. There’s nothing you’re buying or selling, there’s no way to be scammed. And lastly, it’s NOT what they call a ‘turn-key operation.’ If you do REALLY good, you will be able to step back a bit and still reap rewards…but it still requires work.

Warnings and points taken…lets do this!

If I didn’t scare you off with that last bit, then you might have what it takes. Send PromoAffiliates a message at Tell us that you would like to become a Lyft affiliate. Also let us know what you feel makes you good for the job. Affiliate veterans, this is a good time to let us know what other companies you’ve done ambassador work before, and if possible how many activations you got.

New guys, don’t worry about having zero experience. The right attitude, drive and work ethic are the only necessities for succeeding here. After all, even the PromoAffiliates founder Leupp started out as just a Lyft affiliate at one time. No professional resume needed, but let us know why you want to join…again, no experience required. Also if you have any out-of-the-box ideas, those are good too.

I sent you guys a message.

Great! Our team at PromoAffiliates will read it, and see if we feel you’re the right person to be a Lyft affiliate. If we come to that conclusion, then we’ll send you your very own Lyft promo code. This is what you’re going to be giving to everyone. The Lyft promo code costs you nothing, costs them nothing, saves them money, and makes you money. They get a free Lyft ride, Lyft gets a new customer, and you get paid…there is no loser here! And you can get started as soon as you get your Lyft promo code.

So that’s it? You’re just throwing me out into the street like some candy sales fundraiser kid?

Of course not. Some of our more experienced ambassador veterans might already know exactly what to do. But for those of you who are new and don’t know what to do, not to worry. PromoAffiliates will not send you out into the land to seek your fortune without a light to guide you. Experienced affiliates, you know what to do. Buy new guys, read on.

Some tips to succeed as a Lyft affiliate

         Following are some tips and tricks that we at PromoAffiliates have compiled for people who desire them. Any time you feel lost or need a push in the right direction, these should help you out.

Lyft affiliate tip: pass your promo code cards out in the right places

When you hit the streets looking for places to pass your promo code out, you might feel a bit lost. The world is a big place, but it just reminds me of a message my dad taught me. You could spend days searching the entire day for fish. Or, you could try and put yourself into the scales of one…think like a fish, so to speak.

The lesson applies to being a Lyft affiliate, too. Think to yourself; where would you be likely to find lots of people looking for rides? Or, where are people in the most immediate need of them? Where will the fish bite?

Does anyone even do designated drivers anymore?

         Probably the first, and most obvious place you should go, is to a bar or club. These places are bursting at the gills (I know, too many fish metaphors) with people who need rides home. And here you come, swooping in like their hero to give them a code for FREE rides. You don’t even need to stand outside and give them their cards. Hell, you could go inside, have some drinks, have fun, and give your Lyft promo code out. Of course, don’t forget the reason you’re there.

Don’t be shy about talking to people, either.

I made this same mistake the first time I went out as a Lyft affiliate. I specifically looked for people who looked like they were waiting around for a cab. And I’m be perfectly honest, I’m not great when it comes to approaching people. And you might not be, either. But it’s something you need to get over if you want to see big success with being a Lyft affiliate. The best way, is to literally force yourself do it…again and again. Before you know it, you’ll be chatting comfortably with strangers!

Look out for big events in your area, and spread your Lyft promo code there!

         When I lived in Phoenix, there were several events I knew of that happened every year. One of them was the annual Phoenix Comic convention (comic-con.) This event sees thousands of people attend every day it runs. Whether they’re there to show off their cosplays, to buy comics, to see speaking panels, it’s doesn’t matter. And one thing I learned while going to these events was that geeks love spending money!

Captain to bridge, three to beam up (to Lyft)

         The parking in downtown Phoenix where this event was held was expensive. The garages could cost up to thirty dollars, and the meters are over a dollar an hour. And the traffic during this time was treacherous; not something someone enjoying themselves wants to deal with.

A place like that would be perfect for showing up as a Lyft ambassador (with a costume or without) and giving out your promo code for people to use. Most of these people would be grateful to get something like a free ride home. And even if their Lyft ride price goes over their free amount, it’s not a big deal. To someone who just dropped three hundred dollars on comics and plushies…it’s a drop in the bucket.

Concerts are huge money-makers for musicians (and they can be for you, too.)

When I attended the final Motley Crue concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, it was packed. And to simply park your vehicle cost over 35 dollars. That’s more than I spent on my ticket to the show!

A lot of people, like me, prefer to get a ride to the concert instead. And as a Lyft affiliate, you can benefit from the people needing rides home afterward. They can download the app while they’re inside at the concert, and use your promo code afterward. And that’s more money in your pocket.

Don’t go do EVERY concert, though.

Especially if you live in a big city, making time to go to every single concert is too time consuming. And the small ones, like coffee-house band acts, aren’t worth it. The ones you want are huge acts, like Lady Gaga, Jay Z, and other big stars. Those are the ones where people will need your Lyft promo code.

Don’t worry if they don’t use it right away

         Oftentimes, they will take your card, say thanks, and walk away. They might not even use it that day, but that’s okay. They will most likely keep it in their wallet. And when they need a ride again, they will usually remember that it’s there. And as long as they use your promo code (It’s a free ride, so they will,) you’ll get paid.

Use the current political climate to your advantage

         It’s sad that I even have to mention it. But these days, people are constantly finding reasons to have protests. And it would be foolish to ignore the money that could be made at things like these.

And don’t even come at me with that whole ‘morals over profits’ nonsense. First off, you’re not hurting anyone or taking anyone’s money by doing this. Secondly, no one REALLY cares about which side you put your moral support behind. Be like the guy who sold Hillary buttons on a piece of cardboard. On the flip side of that, he sold Trump buttons.

So don’t ignore it; just be careful.

         I’m willing to bet that most of the people who go to the protests don’t drive themselves there. Where would they park their cars, after all? And all of those people are going to be needing a ride home. And I’m sure they would be happy to get a code from a Lyft affiliate, if it meant a free ride. If you need help, make a big deal about the fact that Lyft donated a sizeable amount of money to the ACLU. That’s something that most of the left-leaning protesters would definitely get behind and be happy to support! Just don’t get caught up in the moment. You’re there to make money after all, and every second you spend chanting or marching is a second you’re not doing that.

Go beyond passing out cards; utilize bulletin boards!

At some places, there are bulletin boards where people can put ads for various things. For example, there are several such bulletins at the weekly farmers market, in the city I live in. And one of those bulletins (or all of them) would be a perfect place for a well-placed flyer.

As a Lyft affiliate, you should always be looking for more places to get your promo code out there. Coffee shops, restaurants, and churches are some places that usually have bulletin boards up. Just get permission from the establishment in question first.

Take your Lyft promo code online!

This is the most difficult way to get your promo code out there. It’s the most difficult, but it’s also the most profitable. I know I always talk about this, but it’s such a success story. I know of a guy who made over on hundred thousand dollars in A SINGLE MONTH by going online with his promo code! This kind of success isn’t impossible to duplicate for other Lyft affiliates, either. But it does requite an extensive knowledge of how to best put your code out there.

Affiliate blogs

In my opinion, this is the best way to get your Lyft promo code to as many eyes as possible. However, it’s not enough to merely slap together a website and put your promo code up. You need to build a good website, one that’s user-friendly, or they’ll get frustrated and leave. But most importantly, you need to keep your SEO at optimal levels.

So, what exactly is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This is what will determine how high you appear in Google’s list when someone searches Lyft promo code. If your SEO is amazing, you’ll be near the top…or at the very top. But if your SEO is bad, then you’ll probably show up at one of the secondary pages that no one reads. Because, every other Lyft affiliate’s promo code will do the same as yours. So if you’re a customer looking for one, there’s no need to hunt for the best one. They will take the first one they see, and if it’s not yours, you’re out of luck.

That sounds important. How do I get good SEO?

Good SEO comes from several different things. First, you’ll want to have a good website built. Easy to understand, easy to navigate, crystal clear. Next, you’ll need to fill it with good content. What I mean by this is that the more quality things you write, the more the SEO score goes up. Not only that, but good content also attracts readers. Readers are organic traffic which is amazing for your overall SEO score. And that translates to more people seeing, and using your Lyft promo code. And as a Lyft affiliate, that means you make more money.

What kinds of things should I wrote about?

Well that part is up to you. If you’re a Lyft affiliate, probably things you can mention Lyft a lot in. Some successful bloggers do rideshare news, other do travel websites. It’s entirely up to you. It’s not a guaranteed success. But if you put the work in and learn what you need to learn, you can take your Lyft affiliate work to new levels. If you want to do this, learn as much as you can about SEO. It’s a vast, ever-changing subject, but mastery of it can bring about truly immense returns.

Thanks for the tips. Anything else I should know?

Yes, there is. If you want to be successful, your Lyft affiliate work should be constant. Don’t stop doing it when you’re working your regular job. Try to find a way to integrate the two. I used to work at a tuxedo shop. When prom season was upon us, I made a lot giving my Lyft promo code to the prom kids. They got to impress their dates with a nice ride to prom, and I got money.

But keep it going!

But you should be constantly be thinking of ways to incorporate your Lyft affiliate work into your life. Any interaction with a person is am opportunity for you to get your promo code out there. Aaron Leupp gave his code to pretty much everyone he met; it’s that kind of drive that puts people on top. And as a Lyft affiliate, it’s that kind of hustle that can help you make loads of money from doing this. So if you’re ready to work hard and make loads of money, email us at Let’s make you a Lyft affiliate!

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