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In short, our Lyft affiliates are responsible for making sure that people who are looking for a Lyft code can get one.   What I mean is that, many people are searching for a Lyft code online everyday.  The Lyft affiliates use blogs and other tools to spread the word online about Lyft promo codes. to sign up, email

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Lyft Affiliates Promote Free Credits for New Users

Furthermore, Lyft is a great rideshare app  where you can request a ride with just your smart phone. A friendly driver will be there to pick you up in just a few minutes.  If you are familiar with Uber, it is very similar. Additionally, Lyft is expanding to new cities all over the world.

Is it the job of Lyft affiliates to work with Promo Affiliates to get the word out there!  If you have done affiliate marketing before, this is a great opportunity to get back into a lucrative gig.  Lyft is becoming more of a known brand and all you have to do is ride that wave!

Promo Affiliates has a reputation with Lyft and we have brought them thousands of new users.  You can trust that we have the best affiliate deals setup for your success.  Lyft has some kind of partnership with GM so they are in this rideshare game deep.  They aren’t going anywhere and we need Lyft affiliates to propel them even more forward in the rideshare space.

Digital marketing efforts are the main ways that Lyft affiliates will continue to spread the word about Lyft. The app has made a name for itself by ambassadors and affiliates making sure that millions know about the app.  Competition against a giant like Uber is not easy and Lyft is doing great.  To sign up with Promo Affiliates just email with your contact info.  1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (No Ratings Yet)