Lyft Ambassadors Promote Merchant With Many Efforts

In our never ending shopping culture, Lyft ambassadors promote the company in a variety of ways.  High traffic blogs showcase content that promotes the deals for the merchant. If you are an experienced digital marketing person, we need you to share our epic success! Email today.   He will streamline you through the process of working with us and becoming one of our Lyft ambassadors.

lyft ambassadors

Epic Lyft Ambassadors Adwords

If you are familiar with natural search engine marketing, we want to work with you and share some SEO knowledge.   But there are many ways to get involved. Our claim to fame came from getting new Lyft users from a street campaign here in Los Angeles.  That campaign which I may link here, brought in 30,000 new Lyft users in just 30 days!   This is great but the Internet is even more powerful. And also more consistent.

We have been working with top brands like this for years. There is room for you to work with other brands as well as Lyft. When shoppers are looking for promo codes online, we want our articles to show up. Ranking on Google is how to build traffic. If you know about this, we want you to be one of our Lyft affiliates.


We are in network that you can trust. We liaison between you and the merger. This is great because we have a relationship with several top merchants. It is important when doing online advertising to have a name brand that people know about or one that looks sketchy. Plus if the deal is a free trial it is more likely going to have a big ROI.


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