What Are Backlinks, Why Are They Useful?

Why use backlinks?

You might still be struggling with the intricacies of how it works and how it could benefit you and your site.

Backlinks are one of the most used forms of SEO and are the most common way for search engines to be able to rank your site. So it is very important if you are a blogger/ site owner to understand how they work.

Today I hope to help you understand a little bit more about backlinks. We will cover what they are, how they work, and why they can benefit your site in the long run.

What is a backlink?

Backlinks are hyperlinks in one site that connect to another.

A backlink is typically clickable; by this I mean it is more than just a reference. A backlink will not only reference the other site but also provide access to it.

backlinksOther blogs or reviews refer to perhaps another article and provide a link for you to go read it for yourself. Typically a backlink is signified by different colored text embedded with a href attribute in the code. This link will appear as blue text, often underlined that you can click and be redirected to the referenced site.

Backlinks are more useful than writing out the whole URL. By using a backlink, you (or they) provide direct access to the site and create a connection that the search engine will recognize.

How are backlinks useful to you?

As with any important part of SEO, the goal of backlinks is to develop relevant traffic and gain higher search engine rank.

Backlinks will also improve the quality of the visits. By this I mean, sites relevant to your content that connects a backlink to your site. That backlink will send consumers already interested in your content to your page.

The key to a backlink is quality over quantity. The quality of the backlink is just as imperative as the number of visits you have. Search engines view a backlink as a recommendation to your page. The more recommendations you have, the easier it is for the search engine to see your relevant content, the higher you will rank.

How can you receive a backlink?

There are many ways to receive a backlink. The ones you want to focus on should be natural and through genuine connections.

Bad practices such as purchasing backlinks, spamming comments or creating them artificial to your own site are not recommended. Search engines are equipped to track this behavior and offending sites will be penalized.

A popular natural way to get backlinks is by developing quality content. If you provide superior content people will natural gravitate toward and link to your site. Another important thing to do when trying to receive backlinks is to connect with other people.

By commenting other blogs, you will develop notoriety and reactions to your content. But be sure not to spam, leave quality and genuine comments. Giving comments not only helps with receiving backlinks but can also aid in search engine visibility.

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