The Basics of SEO Blogging

How to use search engine optimization for your blog.

If you have a blog chances are you are beginning to realize the importance of SEO blogging. More often than not when someone sets out to begin a blog they don’t know how to optimize their content for search engines.

Whether you write for fun, write to promote yourself or a business it is imperative that you take advantage of your marketing potential. SEO blogging is, in essence, a way to keep your readers interested and make your content appealing to search engines

Although this may sound complicated there is some easy way to break it down. What we will cover today are some basic SEO methods to help optimize your blog.

Basic steps to SEO blogging


When considering SEO blogging keep in mind the words you that you use. By utilizing keywords you are making your blog more enticing to both users and search engines. Be wary, however, that you use keywords in the proper way and in the proper places. Although keywords are an important component to proper SEOSEO blogging blogging you don’t want to engage in “keyword stuffing.” This inorganic form of SEO blogging runs the risk of both irritating your followers and penalization by search engines.

Locations that are imperative to have your keyword would be in your title, headings, and subheadings; the introductory sentence and concluding paragraph; and finally within your hyperlink and meta description.

By placing keywords in these locations it will create organic traffic and search engine recognition of your site.


It’s imperative that you research which keywords will have the most benefit. It is possible that without even realizing it you’ve already been including keywords in your blogs. However, without the proper research, you might not be optimizing your potential.

An easy way research superlative keywords are by snooping on your “competition.” Once you’ve chosen your topic and target segment, similar blogs and websites are a huge resource of information. By taking a look at successful blogs with your same topic, they can serve as a baseline for the basic needs for SEO blogging. Topics and keywords that those blogs cover can always be used as a starting point.

There are also online resources that can be utilized. Sites like Google Adwords Keyword Tool are useful databases that can help walk you through how to find and plan keywords for SEO blogging.

Image Optimization

A small component of SEO blogging are the images that you include. For some adding keywords to a photo can seem like a complicated idea. However, it’s actually fairly simple.

There are two factors that you want to include in any image on your blog. The keyword should be included in the file name, and subsequently, the keyword should also appear in the ‘alternate text field.’ This will appear in the text description of the image as “alt”keyword”.”

It may seem unnecessary, however by embedding the keyword within the image, a search for that image will link possible consumers back to your site.