Best Marketing Company

Best Marketing Company

Best Marketing Company

As a company who works closely within the marketing industry, PromoAffiliates gets asked a lot about what makes the Best marketing company. That is a somewhat loaded question because marketing is a very blanket word when it comes down to it. There are many forms of marketing, whether it be social media marketing, content marketing or digital marketing the first and most important step is that you know which company works within your industry. Then you want to identify the company that isn’t making lofty promises but offers real updates and reasonable time frames. Of course you can’t talk marketing without realizing the industries biggset issue, transparency. But don’t worry. We are going to make you an expert so you can decide who the best marketing company is.

What Kind Of Marketing Do You Need

Ultimately this is the first decision that you need to figure out. What kind of marketing is going to benefit you and how that plays into what makes the best marketing company. Here is a short list of the numerous kinds of marketing:

  • account-based marketing — marketing to individual, key accounts as markets of one
  • brand marketing — developing your brand, often contrasted to direct marketing
  • content marketing — producing useful or entertaining content for your audience
  • digital marketing — marketing through digital channels, primarily the Internet
  • direct marketing — marketing directly to audience, often without TV, radio, or print ads
  • social media marketing — interacting with prospects in social media channels

Believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. So first identify what, or rather where your marketing efforts are aimed at. This of course raises another question. Once you have found the kind of marketing you need, is it relevant to your company’s product or industry niche? For example, web marketing isn’t going to be as useful for a company who runs a brick and mortar style book shop. For that, you’d want to focus on something like direct marketing.

The Best Marketing Company For The Right Job

Equally important as the kind of marketing you’re looking for is finding a marketing company who is used to operating in the same niche as your business. This is important because that means that they will understand the consumer base better, be able to relate to your product more and hopefully have some pre established contact within that industry to help with your account. Being able to anticipate which efforts customer’s will respond to more positively is important. Some things just don’t see results in marketing. On the other hand things tend to be more consistent within a certain niche or industry and the best marketing firm will be able to identify that.

Contacting The Best Marketing Company

Believe it or not, marketing agencies don’t take every single client that contacts them. Now that you have identified what kind of marketing you need, and which marketing companies are best suited for helping you out, it is time to craft a pitch. First things first remember that these account directors you are going to work with are human. They don’t like receiving blanket pitches and they aren’t interested in working with a business who cant tailor their pitch to the situation. A short, well thought out email that tells a story but doesn’t overload them on information will do wonders. You can point them in the direction of more information with a link to your websites news page and focus on what matters. Try to relate your business to one that is already successful and paint a picture of your number one goal. However remember that this email should be short enough that it only takes them a minute or so to read.

In the event that the account director says no, or does not contact you back keep your cool. Spamming them with emails is a sure fire way to burn a bridge and believe me they will tell other marketing entities that they work with about their experience receiving contact from you. After all, they are human and no one likes being bombarded with emails when they are already busy enough as it is. That being said, once you have found someone who is willing to work with you, it is important that you make sure that they are worth the trouble.

The Best Marketing Company Respects It’s Clients

This is probably the most important part of working with the best marketing company. They need to respect you as the customer. What this looks like is listening to your needs, acknowledging your companies goal and mission statement and being transparent about the services being provided. You are the customer and you have a right to be heard and your business’ priorities worked around. Never, ever work with a marketing company who acts like they don’t need to work with you. No ‘My way or the highway’ mentalities allowed!

There should also be a discussion upfront and before there is talk of cost about what services you will be receiving. The best marketing company will give you all the details you need and wont omit anything. They should also be able to provide reference to their previous work as well as show that they can get results. Equally important, they need to provide you with a reasonable time frame and weekly updates. Most marketing and PR efforts can see a response within a month and if they are making excuses or telling you it will take sevral months then it is time to look for a different company.

Finding the best marketing company isn’t easy. It is a task that takes research, understanding of industry goings on and transparency in services. Make sure that you follow through on marketing that makes sense as it can bring more customers consistently if the efforts are maintained.

Still not sure about what makes the best marketing company? Looking for more advice on working with marketing companies or you’re not really sure where to start? PromoAffiliates offers world class service and free consultation.



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