How to Define Influence of Digital Marketing by Social Influencers

How to Define Influence of Digital Marketing by Social Influencers

By Sean Turtle, COO PromoAffiliates  – November 10, 2016 — 4:00 PM PDT  Screenshot 2016-11-07 at 9.21.42 PM

From social media to SMS marketing, it’s hard to escape the scope of advertising.

In short, whether drinking a cup of coffee or browsing your Facebook feed, you can’t get away from advertising.  Often I’ve seen programming depicting people in third world countries wearing Nike of  Coca-Cola shirts.  Today’s brand-centric society saturates us with advertisements and they have a huge influence on nearly all of our decision making.  Also. with influencer marketing the biggest buzz, social media celebs IJustine and Rosanna Pansino’s collaboration with Starbucks on a blind taste test video posted on Youtube proves to be a popular approach from mega brands.

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Snapchat Influencers

Somewhat deceptive influencer marketing tactics are a necessary evolution since there is sophisticated ad blockers built for traditional digital advertising.  So, less than two years old, Snap Inc. has seen their platform infiltrated with advertisements from social influencers.  Not only that, a new start up in the UK called FanBytes has launched a performance measurement platform that tracks the metrics of Snapchat influencers.  The Snap api was built to prevent third parties from using it but the Fanbytes software works on top of Snapchat.

So long after a campaign is over, wouldn’t it be ideal for your brand advocate to continue to mention your brand?  Also, AirPR’s Rebekah Iliff mentions in a Forbes piece from last month that the social media influencer must have a genuine passion for the brand.

Pinterest on the rise!

Lastly, whatever the platform, influencer marketing is said to be a genuine way of really connecting to an audience.  Influencer engagement leads to high visibility and greater success of the campaign.  So, PromoAffiliates strategists are pointing to Pinterest. This might be the next social platform to continue the growth of influencer marketing.


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