The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Blast Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

The basic idea behind an email blast is to send a bunch of electronic messages to many people at the same time. These people can be from your own company or consumers that you hope to reach.

For marketing purposes, we typically blast consumers.

I’m sure that we’ve all received those promotional emails from stores that we frequent. The cashier asks if you would “like to be on our mailing list” as she runs your card. You say yes, not seeing the
email blastharm. Then enjoy the multitude of messages you receive over the next year reminding you about all of the sales happening, either online or in store.

This scenario is a typical and widely used form of email

How to run an email blast marketing campaign

There are many ways to run an email blast campaign but only one way to do it right. Some risk that comes with an email blast campaign is the possibility of becoming marked as “spam” in the eye of your consumer.

In order to avoid this, you have to give your customers options. Make your email blast interactive, and helpful to your consumer. Don’t try  to deceive them.

The do’s and don’ts of an email blast

Opt-in list

As with our aforementioned scenario, the cashier asked if you would like to be added to their mailing list. By accepting this offer you have now added yourself to what is called an “Opt-In List.” By utilizing an opt-in list in your email blast campaign you are often able to avoid the “spammer” label because your audience has chosen to receive your message.

There are other ways to develop an opt-in list if you are a purely online store or resource. The first way to create an opt-in list is by hiring a third party company to run the campaign for you. This third party will be able to create the list and send the email blast on your behalf.

The second way is to create your own list by providing either a link or a pop-up window for visitors to supply their email in return for more information.

The next component to an effective email blast campaign is in the way that you create your emails

Useable Messages

The first is a do; create your emails with a usable message. Simply sending out reminders for sales or membership opportunities is useless to your consumer without a means to access the site.

Instead, provide a link within the email so that the consumer will have immediate access to completing an action. This is especially useful for “limited time offers.”


The second is a don’t; don’t send out an email blast with a deceptive subject line. Consumers, not surprisingly, do not like to be lied to. If you present your email with a false subject line making it seem like a) they have just won something or b) it’s an email from someone they know, your readers will undoubtedly distrust both your company and your promotions.

Although it may seem like a deceptive subject line would make your emails more appealing to consumers, the opposite is true. An honest and well-structured subject line can still be enticing to your readers.

If your email blast subject line presents a solution to a consumer problem, it will end up being more effective and create more traffic than a deceptive subject.

The option to opt-out

The final thing you need to keep in mind when running an email blast is giving your customers an out. It can be as simple as supplying a supplementary email that they can contact and request to be removed from your mailing list. Allowing your customers a way out makes signing up seem like less of a commitment.

Be diligent in following up with the requests for removal. The option to “opt-out” is of vital importance because, again, you don’t want your company to be viewed as spam.

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