How to Email Market and Why You Should

Email Marketing

How to Email Market and Why You Should

“You’ve got mail.”

Do you remember the iconic sound and voice that chirped these words? If you don’t you missed out on a legendary piece of internet history that has been lost forever.

Skip forward to 2017 and we’ve replaced email conversations with live tweets, messages, likes, and status updates. Does that mean that email is any less beneficial? Absolutely not.

In fact, one could argue that because of social medias constant chaos, the email inbox is a place of mental solitude that requires no immediate action, decision or commitment.

That is why, now more than ever, entrepreneurs are still building successful email marketing campaigns. If you’ve tried to build your own and it did not work – you probably didn’t do it right.

Email Marketing Gets You Inside Your Customers House

Getting into someone’s email inbox is a personal invitation to their life because they are interested in your products. They did not see your brand, company, idea or niche on social media and like it. No, they proactively gave you their email address and invited you into something that they own.

Respectfully, make sure to take off your shoes and thank your guest before entering their house.

Email Marketing Requires Permission

The best email campaign you build, is the one you build – not buy or steal. As a matter of fact, it is illegal to advertise through email marketing strategies to individuals who have not agreed to be marketed to. While it happens all the time, you don’t have to take this approach.

By building your own email list from proactive subscribers that have opted into your list, you can rest assured they are interested in your products, business, ideas or services. Doing the opposite, well, yields the opposite.

There are many ways to capture emails (fields, signup boxes, email captures & more). When you take the time out to capture an email, make sure that your intended usage is listed somewhere close by via a hyperlink that connects your user to a page of how their email address will be used.

Most people won’t click it, but if they do you can explain to them how you will market to them, when you will send them emails, if discounts will be included and if it is more junk or not.

Get White Listed

While almost all reputable email providers work around the clock to make sure emails are not blocked, they do categorize potentially harmful email messages as spam or trash.

Taking the time out to get white listed is equivalent to letting email service providers know you are a friend. The best and most efficient way to do this, is to get added to the receipts address book.

You can ask your subscriber directly to add your email to their address book after they successfully enter their email in your on-site form capture. This is one of the best and easiest ways to do so.

Email Marketing Is Low Pressure No Commitment Sales

Emails are a great way to pitch sales, offer discounts and gain leads without offending your customer or asking for an immediate commitment.

It gives them time to consider their options, research your services or product, visit your website and decide if they want to use those services – all from the convenience of their home, on their own time.

There’s nothing worse than dealing with pushy sales people, incessant calls and door to door sales men or women. Email marketing transforms your efforts and puts the control back into your subscriber’s hands.

Email Marketing Follow Ups

First things first. After your subscriber joins your mailing list, you should have an auto responder dispatch a general email to their inbox. This email can include something like “Thank you for subscribing to our list @ We value your interest in our services and aim to respect your privacy.” The autorespoder should be tailored to what you’re offering but again, make sure that you are being polite while in someone else’s house.

After your first auto responder is dispatched, follow up with your services, offers or discounts one to two times a week. You do not want to bombard or overload your subscriber’s inbox with multiple emails that offer little value to their needs. It is the quickest way to get people to unsubscribe to your list.

In some cases or instances, even twice a week may be too much. Make sure to follow your email analytics and find a comfortable sweet spot that individuals are responsive to without unsubscribing.

Email Marketing Conclusion

Email marketing is a great tool in the toolbox, while it is not the end all be all to sales, return on investments, leads and conversion – it will help you churn out more results than if you had done nothing.

If you are unsure where to start or would like a free consultation regarding creating your own email list, contact us here today at Promo Affiliates for more information

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