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Nugg promo code: PEPY

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“Everything’s gonna be all right.” Marley’s words wash through my memory like a warm, gentle stream whenever I take a match to a fresh joint. Everything about the experience is nothing short of relaxing. The warm, orange glow of the tip as I breathe in, the taste of the strong, savory smoke as I inhale, The moment I exhale, watching the steady stream of smoke rise into the air, expanding until it eventually dissipates.

Let’s face it: marijuana just makes things more fun and more interesting. And it doesn’t do it in a way that completely trashes your body, like some other drugs. After I’ve blazed up, food tastes better, colors seem more vibrant, and words are more interesting. And nothing upsets or angers me, either. There’s a reason that so many people want it to be legal in a recreational way. Life would probably be a lot better if it were.

It’s great. But getting it is tricky.

Depending on where you live, marijuana is either easy to get, difficult to get, or impossible to get. Thanks to the federal government’s war on drugs, getting marijuana can be difficult, sometimes dangerous thing to do.

The penalties for getting it illegally and getting caught can be incredibly steep. There are people that spend large chunks of their lives in jail for nothing other than marijuana possession.  And the pursuit of a desirable, and decently harmless drug, has criminalized some otherwise good people

But things are changing for the better

Thankfully, more and more states and counties across the country are easing up on the penalties. Medical marijuana is now legal in many states, and even in some Canadian provinces. In fact, just recently several states have voted to legalize recreational marijuana use. And in my opinion, this is a huge step in the right direction. Again, in the words of Bob Marley, “everything is gonna be all right.”

Marijuana is slowly becoming normalized. That means trivial availability, including delivery.

GetNugg is it convenience-based website that you can use to order marijuana. And with the GetNugg promo code PEPY, you can get your first order delivered for free.

Great for people who are in pain.

Sure, there’s a lot of people who are just fine who smoke medical marijuana. But there are some people out there whose quality of life in genuinely improved by the herb. The GetNugg promo code is perfect for people who are in so much pain they can’t  leave their homes. GetNugg’s delivery makes it so they can live in comfort without sacrificing any to retrieve the cannabis they use.

Some pain, however, isn’t just physical. Cannabis is also commonly used to treat things like anxiety. And some people have anxiety that’s so crippling, it makes leaving the house very difficult. Leaving the house to get their cannabis is a big ordeal. So a GetNugg promo code can help these people keep their anxiety under control.

So how does GetNugg work?

Grab your GetNugg promo code and have it ready, because we’ll walk you through it. The first thing you’re going to want to do is make a profile. Go to Once there, click the ‘sign up’ button oin the upper right hand corner of the screen.

They’ll ask you for some basic bits of information, such as your email address and your name. They’ll send you a verification text with a code on it and put in the website. Once you verified with the website. you’re free to roam through it.

GetNugg’s website is pretty awesome. It allows you to search through marijuana dispensaries in your area. Clicking on a dispensary allows you to view what products they have available for delivery. This includes a nice picture of the product ,and the price per chosen weight measurement.

You can sort the products by price, from high to low or low to high. You can also sort through everything a dispensary offers by type. This includes flowers, edibles, vapes, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, drinks, prerolls, and more.

Clicking on the type of marijuana flower you want takes you to another page with a nice description of it. You’re able to see the THC percentage, the type, and the company. You can also choose how much of the product you want to order. Other products will also have useful information to help you order. GetNugg allows you to order up to twenty eight grams of marijuana at a time.

How do I use my GetNugg promo code?

There should be a drop-down menu right on the left side of the screen. One of the clickable buttons in this menu should say ‘enter promo code’. Click that, and then enter your GetNugg promo code where prompted The GetNugg promo code ‘PEPY’ gets you your first order delivered for free, so don’t miss out.

Great. How does delivery work?

After you’ve placed your order, the website redirects you to an order confirmation screen. It will give you an estimated delivery time between five to ten minutes later. After that, it’s just a matter of enjoying your free delivery, thanks to your GetNugg promo code!

GetNugg makes their deliveries very discreet. They understand that there’s some situations where you might not want people living around you to know that you’re getting cannabis delivered to your home. We’ve all heard of that nosy neighbor who just can’t wait to spill your entire lifestyle.

Which dispensaries can I order from?

Based on your ZIP code, GetNugg gives you a list of marijuana dispensaries in your area. This list tells you the name of the dispensary, and has a nice picture of their logo. It also says what forms of payment they accept, and whether certain payment forms have additional fees. Each dispensary has a different minimum order cost…some do 15, some do 40, and so on.

It includes user ratings, operating hours, and and little blurbs the dispensary might have added. This is where dispensaries usually put what specials they might have. For example, right now Prime Holistic is doing a free edible with orders over $100. And every dispensary can be ordered from with a GetNugg promo code, since GetNugg covers the difference.

But recreational weed is legal in California, right? Do I still need a license to get it through GetNugg?

 Yes, recreational marijuana was legalized in the state of California. However you do still need a medical marijuana license to order marijuana through GetNugg.

This is what GetNugg support specialist Rachel had to say to me: “Even though Prop 64 has legalized cannabis, recreational shops won’t be open to the public until licenses are issued, which likely won’t be until January, 2018. So in the meantime, you still need a doctor’s recommendation to purchase cannabis!”

Thankfully, getting a license for medical marijuana is actually quite easy in the state of California. In fact, GetNugg makes it even easier by way of the future through their website. You can get evaluated and approved for a medical marijuana license; all online!

That sounds pretty awesome! How do I do it?

 getngg promo code

The whole process is actually quite simple. So grab your GetNugg promo code and keep it handy, because after you get your license you will be using it!

There should be a button that says ‘Nugg MD’ on the same menu with the button you and to your GetNugg promo code with. Underneath Nugg MD it will say ‘get an a valuation.’

Once you click the button for an evaluation, they need some information from you. Your full name, date of birth, and address are all needed. After that, you will enter your payment information and upload your ID card the next form. The GetNugg FAQ says that a passport will work if you do not have a California ID card.

Once that’s done, you’ll be put into an online waiting room to see the doctor. They have doctors available between 8 AM and 8 PM seven days a week. They only charge you for the appointment if the doctor approves you, so there’s no risk. And the appointment itself is only $40!

And what about when I get approved?

After your approved if you receive an electronic version of your recommendation from your doctor by way of email. This should appear in your inbox within 10 minutes or so. The electronic doctor’s recommendation will let you order from any of the dispensaries on GetNugg.

Again, use the GetNugg promo code to experience the convenience of free weed delivery! A paper copy is shipped to your address within three to five days. This should be valid at all California dispensaries. Then it’s just a matter of making your order, turning on some Steve Miller band, and relaxing with some herb!

For those who are new to marijuana

Let’s talk a bit about the different kinds and strains of cannabis that are out there. Personally, I don’t know anything at all about which type of cannabis does what. So, this will be a learning experience for me as much as it will for you. Just keep your GetNugg promo code handy for when you see something you like.

Indica Vs. Sativa

I’m pretty sure you don’t really care about the differences between the two before they’re cut and dried. But let’s just go over some of the differences between them when it comes to effects after consumption. The first thing I should mention is that there’s no science behind what I’m saying. This is purely from the standpoint of someone doing their own research, and being the guinea pig for it.

Sativa has more of an uplifting effect on the people who smoke it. This is due to the higher ratio of CBD (cannabidiol) to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol.) It’s a more stimulating high, and therefore makes for better use during social situations. Experienced users often turn to sativa when they’re looking for more of a ‘creative high.’ So if that’s what you want, grab your GetNugg promo code and order some.

Indica, however, has more of a sedative effect on people who consume it. This is oftentimes called a ‘couch-lock’ effect. Where sativa has a high CBD to THC ratio, indica has a high THC to CBD ratio. It’s great for people who have trouble sleeping, or just want to relax. Indica also is more inclined to give the consumer the ‘munchies.’ If you’re looking to relax, grab your GetNugg promo code and order indica.

When people get creative, though…

The world is full of cannabis varieties that are both indica and sativa. This is because over the years, humans have cross-bred the two. And over time, it has resulted in some ridiculously strong varieties of cannabis.

Different ways to smoke cannabis

There’s so many different ways to smoke your marijuana, that I won’t even begin to go through all of them. I will just be covering some of the most well-known methods.

Rolling with a paper

 This is likely the most common way that people smoke their cannabis. This involves buying a small pack of papers from any smoke shop. You can get them in standard varieties, clear varieties, flavored varieties, and more. After you’ve ordered your marijuana with your GetNugg promo code, you will need to prepare your dried cannabis nugget first by crushing it up. This can be made easy if you have a ‘buster.’ A buster is a small hollow device with spikes that crushes up your nugget. Some people use a coffee grinder…it’s personal preference.

Once that’s done, you place your crushed nugget into the paper, before rolling. Some people bless it by running your lips gently over it one time. This helps keep the rolled paper sealed. Then light the tip, and smoke it until it’s done.

Pipe smoking

This involves putting your crushed, dried cannabis into the bowl of a pipe instead of rolling it. You can get a pipe from just about any smoke shop that’s nearby. Then pack your herb into the bowl, light it, and smoke away. Clean your pope regularly to keep it performing optimally.

Bong smoking

This is one of the, in my opinion, more hilarious ways to smoke your cannabis. Bongs are also available at almost any smoke shop nearby. Some come with an ice catcher to make the smoke cooler. There are more varieties of bong than there are of pipe. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can buy one online with a GetNugg promo code.

Place your crushed cannabis into the bowl on top of the stem. Pour water into the bong, enough to get your ideal drag level. Then light the marijuana up, and place your mouth on the top end. Draw in for a bit, then lift the stem while still drawing to get more smoke.

You don’t have to smoke it, though.

A lot of people probably don’t really enjoy smoking anything at all, let alone cannabis. To be honest, smoking isn’t my favorite way to consume cannabis. But thankfully, there are many methods with which to safely consume your cannabis.


Some people still consider this to be smoking. But it’s not, because it’s not smoke your drawing into your lungs. Instead these devices draw moisture out of the cannabis. It accomplishes this by evaporating moisture from the leaves, and drawing the THC out with it.

However,  a good vaporizer can be very expensive. Nice ones can run into the hundreds of dollars range, even! So buying one is quite an investment. But in my opinion, if it makes your cannabis consumption smokeless, it’s worth it. I don’t think you can buy vaporizers with a GetNugg promo code.


Edibles are foods which are made with cannabis as one of the ingredients. However, it’s never the whole leaves that are included. Do NOT try to eat the leaves whole.

The cannabis is prepared beforehand by being made into an oil, or butter. This is so that it doesn’t make you sick later. No instructions are required on how to consume these: simply eat them. You can order these with your Nugg promo code.

There are many different varieties of edibles out there. You can get cookies, brownies, gummies, chocolate, and more. But actually, anything that you use oil or butter in can be spiked with cannabis. If you know how to make weed butter, you can even use it in regular cooking. I do not know if any dispensaries sell weed butter with your GetNugg promo code.


Concentrates include cannabis oils and drops. Some of these are meant to be applied topically. Others are meant to be put into a mechanical vaporizer and inhaled orally. Some dispensaries offer gear for your vaporizer, too.

The concentrates that go into vaporizers are pretty simple to use. And they will usually come in many different flavors and varieties. People have gotten very creative with concentrate flavors, so there’s many choices. And most of the flavors are good, like grape, chocolate, mango, pineapple, cocout, and more. And most dispensaries will sell these online, with free delivery by using a Nugg promo code.

The topicals are meant to be applied…well, topically. These are better suited for people who don’t have very good lungs. It’s also great for the elderly, or for children who need it medically.


 getnugg promo code

This is a new, and fairly controversial way to consume cannabis. This involves several different kinds of marijuana ‘concentrates.’ These concentrates can come in many different shapes and forms. They include shatters, oils, waxes, budders, resins, and others. You can use a vaporizer, but people often complain that they are too weak for such concentrates. To get the full effect, you use a ‘rig.’

But people who are to consuming cannabis probably shouldn’t use this method. It’s known to create a very strong high, even by the standards of regular users.

But for those of you who want to try dabbing with things like shatters and resins, you’re in luck. Some dispensaries in the California area do carry these. And you can order them with your GetNugg promo code.

Whether you use a Nugg promo code or not, watch out for scammers!

There are plenty of opportunistic scumbags in California looking to make money off the marijuana culture. Tourists are especially vulnerable to them, since they don’t know the rules coming in usually. When I say scams, I’m talking about charging enormous license fees and selling products that don’t even work in all dispensaries.

My favorite example is The Green Doctor. This is a medical marijuana doctor based in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. This is a perfect location for them because lots of naïve tourists (like myself) wander through. They have these huge signs out from that say in bold print, ‘$40 evaluations!’ What could go wrong?

How much do they charge


Well, by the time you see the doctor and its time to pay up, they charge you around $240 dollars! And if you refuse to pay, they refuse to return your drivers’ license. And if you DO pay and get the medical marijuana license, it’s practically useless. There’s only a few dispensaries that will even take the card!! Yeah, say the word ‘scam’ several times fast, and you’lll end up saying their name. Honestly, using the Nugg promo code isn’t just easier, it’s cheaper and more transparent.

I could go on for a long time about how bad the whole thing was. The guy walks you from one location to another, you go through not one but three waiting rooms. Maybe I’ll write about it in detail someday. But now, just do yourself a favor and skip the trip to the doctor.

Use the Nugg doctor, and use the Nugg promo code for free delivery. You’ll thank me later when you’re kicking back listening to Beck and enjoying your delivery. And if you get hungry, use our Postmates promo code to get something to eat!

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