How To Get Ecommerce Featured in Publications

How To Get Ecommerce Featured In Publications

How To Get Ecommerce featured in publications

PromoAffiliates gets asked a lot of questions; one of those is “How To Get My Ecommerce featured in publications” ? If you’re launching a new business it is important to understand that the first few customers are critical. They essentially make or break any early assumptions made about your business as well as provide customer feedback and get you some early revenue. How you reach these customers and promote your services can help get your business into the spotlight of target publications. If you have a good idea of what your target market is then it’s time to consider which publication you are looking to be featured in.

If your main demographic is tech orientated you might aim your sights at tech publications like Techcrunch, PandoDaily and Mashable. However, if you are targeting some other demo than technology a post in these publisher’s domain will bring you a flock of one time customers who provide a false sense of progress and ultimately waste your time. So begin by asking yourself which publishers are credited and considered experts in the field that you’re aiming for. You might now be wondering how you can grab the attention of a recognized publisher, but it’s actually very simple.

Find the contact that will bring success to your publication and build the relationship with them. If you can begin building your connection with them months before you start throwing any pitches. Active journalists almost always have twitter accounts that are public which you can take advantage of. Make a list of industry related journalists and actively engage them on a weekly basis. Sharing tweets, referencing their work and responding to their posts or stories with helpful feedback or positive commentary. When the time comes to make that initial PR push you will have a handful of publishers who know you are active in the industry and can rely on you to provide them with the story they need. After all, they have a job to do as well so you are usually doing them a favor by providing the work without much pursuit on their end.

Pitching your story can be stressful but you need to look at it objectively. If your story is not interesting to the audience of the publication you are trying to pitch to then you aren’t going to get far. In fact, your email may not be read period. So craft your pitch email beforehand and look over it with scrutiny. Are you telling a specific story? Anyone can see a list of your products or can see whether your website is functional. But what they can’t see is the inspiration behind your company and how that is going to influence the future of the company.

It’s important that you are as confidant in your product or service as you can be. Publishers think in trends so give some context as to how you are going to lead the next big trend. Do you run a transportation based service in a local city that focus’ on pet sitting? Frame your pitch as “The Uber ride service for our furry friends”. This will give a publisher a point of relation to a current trend and how your company might relate that concept in the pet industry in a simple, concise sentence.

Why should your readers even bother with reading your article? Offer a reward. Readers love rewards and as such you should make your pitch as attractive as possible with something exclusively for the publications readers. Early access to a product or a simple discount on a purchase or provided service can do wonders. Should you actually get published offering said reward increases the effectiveness of your article and enforces the call-to-action you’ve included in the article.

Create Compelling Images To Get Your Ecommerce featured in publications

Pictures are fun and interactive, so include them in your publication. A couple screenshots of your website or app as well as some useful links to the website itself. Your websites “about” section is a great link to provide so anything that you couldn’t fit into the article is provided on that page. This also removes some leg work for the journalist. Give journalists the tools and materials they need to get the publication squared away and they will be thankful.

In the crafting of your pitch email it’s important to keep the idea of simplicity in your mind. This shouldn’t be a novella. Don’t give your journalist a press release of your business. Using the things previously outlined concepts you need to make this pitch and quickly as possible. Imagine you’re giving the pitch in person, you have about thirty seconds to get your point across in a compelling and inspired way. The email should a little over a paragraph in length and take less than a minute to read through. Any details you felt you couldn’t provide can be handled in follow up emails and future correspondence. Follow up on your pitches within 48 hours and even shooting a quick tweet about the email is a good idea.

Now that you’ve got your shiny new article it’s time to push it. Maintain the relationship with the journalist who got your work published as they can be a future asset as you spread the article through all of your available networks. Email to your subscribers, share it on social media and make it the center of your own website. This will drive views on all platforms and catapult your PR efforts immensely. Share the article with the journalist in mind as well. The more traffic you can drive to their publication will reinforce that your company is a good one to do business with.

Including the press logo of whatever publication, you have landed that deal with is important. Its an assurance to customers that your product has been verified by someone in the industry. This will lower concerns of using a service they have never heard of as well as drive up your sales and benefit your business with traffic other than the initial influx from the publication.

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Unsure how to approach a journalist about getting published even after reading this article? Reach out to PromoAffiliates and we can help you turn your story into a pitch that will get any publishers attention! We provided free consultation and world-class service.

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