Getting Creative With Your Instagram Grid

Getting Creative with Your Instagram Grid

Using your Instagram grid to create patterns, white space and other visually appealing montages has never been more important. Users are following, liking and engaging more than ever with the brands, people and companies they trust. Unfortunately, leveraging Instagram has never been harder with the changes in their algorithms but with these few easy grid tricks, you can get back to catching the attention of people following you and possibly even gain some new followers.

Filters & App Settings for Your Instagram Grid

Instagram Grid Filters

Filters are a great way to catch the attention of your followers and potential followers. Using them can take an otherwise, normal picture and turn it into a work of art.

To step it up a notch, try adding the same filter for the next six pictures you take, while then moving to a new filter for the next six pictures. What this will do is create a “pattern-like” effect that creates continuity in the brain by switching back and forth – similar to patterns on a shirt or piece of clothing you might like. It’s a great way to tap into the psychology of your followers and appease them from a psychological standpoint without being to abrupt.

Play with Whitespace on Your Instagram Grid

Instagram Grid Whitespace

Whitespace can come in many forms – pictures, text, quotes, graphics and lettering. By using it, you create an artistic appeal to your profile, biography and picture feed.

Whitespace is also fun and unexpected. Using it in your Instagram Grid can help create a sophisticated, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for those who choose to follow you. Try adding it to your biography by spacing out your letters.


Using the Rule of Thirds in Your Instagram Grid

Instagram Grid Rule of Thirds

Something else you can do to spice up your Instagram grid is by adding pictures that obey the rule of thirds. As humans, we are drawn to sets of 3’s 5’s and 7’s. These odd numerical integers do the opposite of what was recommend above through patterns, while catching attention in a much broader way.

To use this rule in your Instagram grid, take the time out to capture panoramic pictures and post them into your feed in sets of three or six. Doing so will be sure to grab the attention of your followers and even help gain some more.

Additional Instagram Tips & Tricks

  1. Pick a subject and stick to it. Doing so will create a unified balance across your picture feed. In addition, doing so will make you appear to be the informed authority about your topic, product, idea or niche.
  2. Use quotes every now and again. Pairing inspirational quotes with products, companies or pictures makes those who visit your image timeline feel inspired by what you’re offering.
  3. Go black, white and grey. By using neutral tones you create a sophisticated Instagram grid that individuals will come to look at, just to look at it.
  4. Find tags that are relevant to your niche with the most usage. There’s nothing worse then using tags that pertain to your brand but no one else is using. Make sure to thoroughly research your tags, how many times they have been used and if they have been used recently. You can do this by typing “#” and then the word. Instagram will show you how many posts their are globally with this tag.
  5. Use emojis in your biography if you are trying to convert your Instagram followers to a website, facebook page or other off site content. Personally we use a downward pointing finger to do this m right above the biography link.

Instagram Grid

These are just a few ways to get creative and engage your social following in new ways that are visually appealing. PromoAffiliates offers plans to help build your Instagram account and engage your following through pictures, likes, videos, creative content and more. Contact us today to get started and to make a statement with your Instagram account.

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