Never Buy Facebook Likes

Never Buy facebook Likes

Why You Should Never Buy Facebook Likes

More often than not when acquiring new company’s business, we get questions about using social media networks to boost their presence – specifically, if they should buy Facebook likes.  Simply put you should never buy Facebook likes

So what’s the big deal? Allow us to explain.

It’s no secret that Facebook uses algorithms to determine how “relevant” your personal page, business page or like page is. Part of that algorithm includes total engagement of friends or likes.

Let’s say for instance you have 300 real followers on your page and that 100 of those engage on a continued basis with your content. Facebook sees this as a 33% engagement rate and serves one out of three posts accordingly to your following. While thirty three percent may sound low, it’s in fact a great number.

Going forward let’s assume you buy some Facebook followers because you want to make your page look more relevant. You have a great month and get 1,000 new likes for your page and believe you’re on the right track.

After a month or two you notice your interaction rate has fallen and you’re confused to why.

What has happened is that the 1,000 new likes you got are from individuals who aren’t truly interested in your page’s content. Bbefore you started buying likes you had a 33% engagement rate based on the total of 300 likes or followers and now your engagement rate has dropped to 7%. You have 1300 followers, only those first 100 are still engaging with posts on a frequent basis and Facebook has updated your brand or company’s personal algorithm to reflect this difference – overall leading to a lower serve rate.

Are Purchased Facebook Likes Fake?

There’s a lot of controversy and debate over this issue. Some people will tell you that purchased Facebook likes come from click farms, over-seas outsourcing agencies and various other places. Personally, we can not confirm or deny if Facebook likes are real or fake.

Note: We have purchased Facebook likes for pages in split tests and have in fact noticed our engagement decreasing with our posts and content being served less and less frequently.

Another reason we do not purchase Facebook likes are because they provide a skewed demographic. There is nothing more important than utilizing the data you obtain from your social media marketing and purchasing Facebook likes does not help you paint an accurate picture for your engagement, ROI or conversion.

Top 5 Reasons To Never Buy Facebook Likes

#1: Integrity. Buying fake likes leads to questions of your brands integrity. If you are attempting to be picked up by a venture capitalist or find investors and they see your brand is mostly composed of fake engagement and likes – your brand or business will be avoided in the future at all costs.

#2: Fake likes discourage real users. When a live human sees over 150,000 views on a video and only 5 comments they think two things. This content is not worth watching or paying attention to if no one else is commenting, or that it is in fact fake engagement.

#3: Fake likes don’t buy your products or help your brand. Utilizing fake likes doesn’t help streamline your business, product or service. It does not help you earn more business or repeat business. In fact, it does the opposite and wastes money better spent marketing in other ways.

#4: Fake likes are against Facebooks Terms of Service. I’ve seen it happen to many times. A brand page will get up to 100k followers and then wake up one day to find that their whole Facebook account or page has been removed for engaging in activities against the Terms of Service that are agreed to when signing up for Facebook.

#5: Fake likes don’t engage. They do not share your posts, recommend them to friends, laugh, smile, keyboard rage or have any value to add.

What You Can Do Instead of Buying Facebook Likes

There’s many ways to increase your Facebook following, likes or engagement rates. Let’s look at a few ways to do so.

  • Research what content your current following considers valuable. Go to their personal pages and find trends in what they are posting.
  • Engage with people in similar groups or pages that match your companies niche. Create real relationships and then ask if the same individuals would be interested in following your page.
  • Use your website mailing list, Instagram, twitter or other to cross promote. By doing this you can stay in the eyes of the people who are engaging with your content, while reinforcing your brand, product or service.
  • Ask individuals on your page to bring like-minded men and women into your group. After all, the more input, people and diversity you have on your page, the more valuable it is for everyone who follows you.

In Conclusion

Above are many reasons why you should never buy Facebook likes. If you don’t want to take our word for it, go ahead and conduct your own experiment. We recommend doing it on a page that you have not already spent hours and plenty of time building organically. If you do try it, let us know how it went.

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