PromoAffiliates Agency Blurb in Fox News – Any Press is Good Press

Hey welcome to this little piece about Fox News blogging about PromoAffiliates!   We have had our share of press but we were very excited to see FOXNews re-post an article about PromoAffiliates. Obviously they’re not the most trusted news source, and they probably participate in the general distraction of the masses.   But either way we can’t complain about getting some press. There’s no such thing as bad press! If you want to join our marketing efforts and you have some online marketing experience, Email   We will get back to you right away and see if you are qualified to work with us.


PromoAffiliates and Influencer Marketing

In addition to working with affiliates and Internet marketers a very types, we also work with social influencers. These social media popular influencers promote many brands in a variety of ways. The basic ways to create content that mentions the brand in a positive manner. But it doesn’t even have to be like that. As we have learned this past year, influencer marketing has the ability to take PromoAffiliates to varying levels of success.


Some of our merchants our start up companies. For example we promote Uber and Postmates. Additionally, both of these companies are promoted with promo codes that give new users a chance to try the app for a discount. With our Uber codes new riders get there first ride for free. This is great and we see a very popular search with this trend. It seems that it’s less commitment to try an app with the promo code that to actually buy a product or a service.


So, we anticipate some type of communication from you in the comment section below.

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