Snapchat Stars Top Social Influencers For Brand Promotion

Snapchat stars are just a part of the Influencer marketing that is out performing all other forms of digital marketing today. Banner ads, which used to rule the internet in performance, have dropped to a .04% click-thru rate. Essentially, this means that no people click on them!

snapchat stars

Snapchat Stars Promote Startups and More

It was only a matter of time for the evolution of digital ads to include  YouTube and Snapchat stars.  In the realm of reaching audiences, brands can go to Facebook or Google to put their campaigns on autopilot, but with much expense. In 2008, Bill Carmody approached some vlogger, a type of ethical hacker, in attempts of paying him to promote a security software. It was his most successful campaign at the time.

Now, the name of the game is to connect with influencers in mass, instead of one-on-one. Discussed more later, this is where even near-regular people, with less that traditional notions of celebrity are being paid to promote brands and services. Snapchat stars  are trying to work with PromoAffiliates  to represent them with brands. If you want to work with us, email


Snapchat Stars and PromoAffiliates


Snapchat has a lot of property in Venice Beach California. We are calling it silicon beach down here which includes part of Santa Monica and I guess Culver City.   The new silicon Beach is giving LA a chance to get in on the start up craze.  Everyone from the beach to Hollywood it is excited about it and wants their peace.


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