Social Media Marketing Trends for 2017 – Top Internet Ad Spending

The biggest splash from the advertising sector in 2016 was the influencer and social media marketing.  There are countless articles o and news reports on the topic.  We have had the fortune to work with some influencers in social media marketing for some of our merchants and the process was a huge learning experience.  We learned how to build trust with these internet celebs and work with the new programmatic platforms that are providing very enlightening data of the performance of these social media icons.

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Social Media Marketing Stars Promote Top Brands

If you are at 5,000 followers on Instagram or 50,000 followers on Youtube, what matters more than that is how your subs engage with your content.  We have mainly affiliate deals and we know that most influencers work on a flat rate basis.  There is a lot of power and relevancy when pushing products and merchants with affiliate programs.  If you are an affiliate for Target or Walmart, than you potentially can promote thousands of products.  You will also get commissions for each purchase.


It’s a real win win for everyone in my opinion.  The influencer is making quality content that is being seen and possibly gaining more subs.  The internet shopper is finding the price they want from the comfort of wherever.  And the merchant is getting traffic and customers.  I am excited about the slow death of traditional ads because of the lack of entertainment value.  At least with social media marketing, we are on there browsing what we want and we don’t care if there is an ad or two.  Unlike TV, we can skip over ads usually.

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