The Best Digital Media Marketing Company In Tampa

The Best Digital Media Marketing Company in Tampa

The Best Digital Media Marketing Company in Tampa

When choosing the best digital media marketing company in Tampa or anywhere in the nation, it’s important to understand what makes a marketing company valuable.

Digital media marketing companies, also known as a media consultants, target brand promotion that is data driven, through the means of technology. In this case technology, can mean mobile apps, social media networks, podcasts, the radio or your television.

What is A Digital Marketing Agency Do Compared to a Traditional Marketing Agency?

Marketing agencies still tip toe on either side of the fence, often looking for known ways of successful marketing. Digital marketing focuses specifically on getting users to a digital medium (Website or application), while traditional marketing may focus on phone call leads or in store acquisitions.

When choosing the best digital media marketing company in Tampa, it’s important that you narrow down exactly what you want to accomplish. Doing so will allow you to focus on which agency, company or firm is in line with your goals. (More Below)

When Looking for The Best Digital Media Marketing Company in Tampa…

Remember that the internet, while a great place to start, can be misleading. Most companies inform us that they begin their search looking for a digital media consultant agency through Google.

Please note – Google does not have your best interests in mind. Using the top results when using a search engine means that you are most likely clicking on paid advertisements. Why is that bad?

Paid advertisements do not give you the chance to read reviews or consider the companies references. They are simply there for convenience.

When deciding on the best digital media marketing company in Tampa, please consider scouting the company or companies you have chosen through the mediums below:

  • Facebook Reviews
  • A Company Like Page
  • LinkedIn Endorsements
  • Previous Client Referral
  • BBB Accreditation
  • Word of Mouth

Remember, the best way to confirm that the company you have chosen lives up to its promises is through peer review sites, platforms and social media. Individuals will often post if they have bad experiences in these places, which can prevent you from making a decision that you otherwise may not have if you had done the research.

The Best Digital Media Marketing Companies Also Know SEO

Ever heard of SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the act of getting your website, YouTube videos or social media platforms to rank high for organic keywords that people can find you by.

For instance, if your business repairs guns or does custom engravings, people may be searching in Google “Custom Gun Engravings”. What a digital media marketing company will do is optimize your website, Facebook, Instagram or other medium to show up in the faces of individuals who are searching these terms.

SEO is a cornerstone aspect of digital media marketing. We have even listed some steps below for choosing a digital media marketing company with SEO in mind. For more information on SEO see below topics:

Step 1 – Define Your Goals

Take some time to sit down with your team, whoever that may be. Whether it’s your CEO, Your COO, Your Creative Department or your Best Friend – it doesn’t matter.

Take out the time to brainstorm what you want to accomplish by hiring a digital media marketing company. Some common themes we see from businesses are:

Some examples of good goal:

  • Traffic from Specific Demographics or Markets
  • Boost in Online Sales or Revenue
  • Enhanced Reviews or More Reviews in General

Some examples of bad goals:

  • I Want to Be on Page 1 Result 1 Of Google
  • More Traffic & We Don’t Care Where It Comes From
  • We Want to Beat All Our Competitors
  • We Want a Higher Page Rank

Why are these bad goals? SEO is about the overall progression of your website, business, brand or niche. The strategies used for one company, may not and most times will not work for your company. It’s just a fact and your digital media marketing company of choice knows it, so you should too.

It’s also important to note that SEO is not an overnight venture. It is the accumulation of consistent changes daily, over the period of months or years to help the long term standing of one’s business, idea, product or niche online.

Step 2 – Pick Three of The Best Digital Media Marketing Companies In Tampa

Don’t decide to go with the first digital media marketing firm you see or heard from because you liked their pitch. As stated above, some of the best firms will be found through referrals from other companies or by searching through reviews and client testimonials online.

Here is a list of a few questions that we recommend asking the digital media marketing firms you are surveying.

  • Tell us what best practices are you going to use to help reach these goals and why have you chosen to do it this way?
  • How do your communication and reporting processes work for deadlines, goals and other memos?
  • What do you do when things aren’t working or your projections have not been met?
  • How do search engines rank the best results and how do you plan to influence them?

Pro Tip: Ask for an SEO audit of the company’s website in which you are surveying to hire. Chances are if their SEO report or audit isn’t in good standing, yours will not be either.

Step 3 – Pull the Trigger

Now that you have researched multiple companies and reviewed their competency, it’s time to decide. We recommend getting with your team again (mentioned above) to get their input and ideas. What you have not thought of or considered, someone else may have.

Conclusion About The Best Digital media Marketing Firms in Tampa:

We’ve covered a lot of information here today about finding the best digital media marketing firm in Tampa. If you have any questions about the process or would like to consider using PromoAffiliates as your Firm, please reach out to us through the contact page. We would love to hear from you.

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