Tips & Tricks For PromoAffiliate Campaigns

Hi guys! Congratulations and welcome to the social influences promo affiliates program! Here are some tips on what some of the top promoters here at promo affiliates used to get their promo code activation rates way up! Pro Tip number one, relevance is key. Make sure the content in your video that you make is relevant to your audience and also the starter company that your promo code is connected to. Stay relevant to your brand. For example, if you only do story telling videos, then don’t do a prank video to sell your promo code. The same goes for the other way around. Don’t confuse your audience. Pro tip number two, don’t forget to mention the promo code. This seems to be an obvious one but you will not believe the amount of social media influencers that forget to mention the promo code. A lot of viewers are now on mobile for you to hide the description so you don’t mention the code your viewers will miss out on that information. So you will lose out on activation’s if you don’t mention the code. Pro tip number three, have fun! The more intriguing your content is with the promo code, the more activation’s you’ll get. Pro tip number four we are here to help, never be afraid to ask question on how your content can be created. You are your own boss in this, but we want to help you succeed as best you can. So don’t forget that we’re here for you, because only together imagine what we can do. Thanks again for watching and I hope these tips help you get massive success.

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