Top Snapchat Stars Promote for the Top Brands

In brief, top Snapchat stars are just some of the social media influencers who are being tracked by database platforms. CEO Seth Kean says this is the beginning stages of the standardization of influencer marketing.  Also, he predicts that the ad-spending forecasts show that more brands are leaning towards technology driven influencer marketing campaigns in the future.  Additionally, brands want to be able to track top of Snapchat stars and others with technology.

Top Snapchat Stars and Top Instagram Stars

With high value and quality content being produced and distributed across Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and more, it’s really no surprise that the success of influencer marketing has become such a sensation. Because US digital ad spending is estimated to surpass TV ad spending in 2016 by just under $1 billion, these top Snapchat stars and others are poised to make a lot of money in this.


I was watching a video today about Stephen King the author. He was talking about some of his tips for just being successful. He was saying that he never wrote one word for money. Stephen King calls his own earnings a boatload of  money. He only wrote because he loved it. I wonder if they do YouTube and top Snapchat stars are doing it for the love.  Some reports have said that in July 2016 alone, the top 150,000 Instagram stars made $225 million. This is an incredible figure and the estimates for YouTube  are similar.


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