Top Youtube Stars – Video Revived the Radio Star

There are many ways that brands and agencies connect with top YouTube stars and influencers.  In short, a lot of them are through programmatic platforms or search engines that are masterfully engineered. So, the return on investment is measured by marketers on the amount of engagement that people have with content like shares, likes, comments and other attribution.  Also, all of this engagement is how we know that followers are interacting.

top youtube stars

Top YouTube Stars Promote Brands


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a type of platform that helps track the aforementioned attribution and engagement allowing marketers and brands the ability to search through thousands of influencers and YouTube stars. Some platforms only require a following of 1,000 people to qualify to be paid by brands for content. ROI Influencer Media is a company that claims to have teamed up with multiple programmatic platforms to simplify the process of aligning an influencer with a relevant brand.


So, this will help you to the stars and influencers who have multiple platforms.  Most influencers are teaming up with search engines that link then with brands. The search engine or company behind them take their cut and the influencer is allowed access to be on their database. This database is searchable and it’s easy to use for a brand.  It’s easy to find top YouTube stars.


Top YouTube stars are part of a $1 billion a year industry. Not YouTube itself but this is how much money brands are paying YouTube social influencers annually. This is a huge market and is fairly new; July alone saw Instagram influencers get $225 million!   YouTube is only like 12 years old.

top youtube stars

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