Uber Ambassadors Promote the Rideshare Giant in Bigger Mass

Uber ambassadors help the company acquire new customers with the spreading of promo codes. These promo codes in title new users to get there first ride for free. It’s really easy! These tactics have helped the company and others like it gain much acclaim.  You can sign up to work with us and be one of the Uber ambassadors by emailing Aaron@promoaffiliates.com.  We are one of the few companies that have an affiliate program with Uber so you should work with us. We have other opportunities and program that you can work with as well.

Uber ambassadors

Uber Ambassadors Work to Promote Uber


One great way to promote Uber is through search engine marketing. Either natural or paid search marketing is very interesting. It is based on the trends of what people are searching. However Uber ambassadors have many different ways of promoting. If it’s a new area, where Uber just started their services,  Uber ambassadors will take to the streets with flyers and promo cards.


Uber is a great service. I just took it on New Year’s eve at around three in the morning. So technically it was New Year’s day. And my fair for UberPool is actually pretty cheap. Typically our holidays those services are a lot more expensive.   At least that’s how it was when I used to be an Uber driver. That’s right I used to drive for Uber so I have the perspective of the driver, the passenger, and the ambassador. If I’m not qualified enough to write this, I don’t know who is.

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