Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount Review

Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount Review

Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount

If you’ve heard of Uber – the rideshare company, you have most likely heard about Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount. Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount grants users free rides and money off their commute when they ride for the first time. If you’ve already ride before, just sign your friend up and use their ride with them for a genuine carpooling experience.

If you have never used the Uber mobile app, you’re in luck. Uber has been around for years now and has done nothing but improve their technology to increase their rider experience level. With that said, there is no better time than now to cash in on your Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount when you need it most.

Use Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount “TRYFREE”

From what our promo code research suggests, using the Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount “TRYFREE” yields the best credit available for Uber. After applying this credit to the payments section under your in-app settings, you will see a notification pop up on your account with the discount amount.

An Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount discount or coupon will get you almost anywhere you need to go for free. At the worst, it will put a large dent in your final fare services for your commute. In most cases an Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount can get you anywhere from 5-20 miles depending on current traffic and surge prices.

How to Apply an Uber Promo or Coupon Code

Applying an Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount is easy and can be done by using the steps below:

  1. Download the Uber App – You can get it from the Google Play or App Store
  2. Select Promotions Tab – Head on over to the tab labeled “Promotions”, then tap Add Promo Code “TRYFREE”
  3. Enter Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount – Enter the promo code in the box, then tap Apply
  4. Enjoy your first free Uber ride!


There are a few things to note when using an Uber Credit or Promo Code:

Valid promo codes will apply to your account. Please note that promo codes are automatically applied in reverse order. Your most recently added promo code will be applied to the current or next trip you take.

To receive referral credit, share your personal referral code with friends. Your credit will arrive after they take a first trip. (More below on your personalized Uber code)

Official Uber Help Site

Other than that, simply claim your credit and enjoy the ride!

Uber Fee’s & Surcharges – What You Should Know Before Using Your Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount

Before taking your first ride with Uber and applying your credit code, there are a few things all riders should be aware of – fees and surcharges!

Base Fare – The base fare is a flat fee that a rider is charged at the time of service, when being picked up. This amount varies from $1-2 dollars.

Per Minute Chare – Each minute the driver of an Uber vehicle has a rider in the car, a specific amount of money is charged. This amount ranges from $0.10c – $0.25c and is dependent on the city.

Per Mile Charge – Every city that Uber is available in charges a different “Per Mile Charge”. This ranges anywhere from 0.40/mile to 0.90/mile. If you are using Uber during “Surge” times, in which there is a demand for drivers in your area, the per mile charge may be slightly higher.

When Using Uber You Can Pick From Multiple Vehicle Choices

Uber X – The first option for riders is an UberX. Riders who choose UberX can expect drivers to arrive in common mid-size or full-size cars like Toyota’s, Honda’s, and Hyndais. Prices start at .40c/mile and the average UberX ride is between 2-6 miles, costing $15 or less.

UberPLUS – UberPLUS is most popular with business travelers and depends on drivers with vehicles like BMW’s, Mercede’s and Audi’s. A driver’s car must be either black, silver, or gun metal grey when driving for UberPLUS. Driver’s also tend to dress more professionally and provide snacks. The average UberPLUS ride is #30 or more.

UberBLACK – UberBLACK is simply an UberPLUS but drivers are required to have black vehicles. The UberBLACK driver also MUST wear a dress suit and tie.

UberLUX – While not overly popular UberLUX allows riders to experience rides in luxury cars like Rolls Royce’s. UberLUX is not available in all cities so don’t be disappointed if you are unable to ever take a ride in a LUX edition car.

Ways to Use Your Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount

There’s many ways and reasons to use your Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount, below are a few options that are advantageous when taking your first ride for free. While we have only listed a few, there are hundreds of reasons you may find yourself in need of an Uber taxi.

  • Sports Events
  • To or From a Bar
  • To Concerts or Gatherings
  • Dropping your vehicle off at a mechanic
  • Rides to or from the airport
  • Commuting to the grocery store
  • Helping to transport your elderly loved ones to keep them off the road

Note: Uber and Lyft help commute thousands of intoxicated individuals home yearly that would have otherwise been on the streets driving.

Ways to Earn Free Uber Ride Credits for More Free Rides

As an Uber rider, you can earn a free Uber Ride Credit by referring other riders to Uber. By navigating to the home screen under “Free Rides” you will find your own Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount that you can re-distribute freely. Every time you do so and someone uses your code to take their first free ride, much like you have by this point, you will earn credit back towards more free rides.

In Conclusion

Using a Uber Coupon or Promotional Code is just a great way to save money. You never know when you’re going to need that free ride, so save ours for a rainy day and make sure to use it when you need it most. If you do decide to save money on your first ride go ahead and use Uber Coupon Promo Code Discount TRYFREE, and save money today!

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