UZURV Affiliate Program Just Dropped – UZURV Users Reserve Uber in Advance

This is a perfect chance to get in on the ground floor with the PromoAffiliates UZURV affiliate program!  When the surge of the on-demand app culture hit the scene, millennials jumped at the opportunity to get everything delivered.  When you think about it, Uber and Lyft is kind of just a delivery service for yourself!  Now, users of rideshare apps don’t have to rush out the door to catch their Uber pool or Lyft line.  They can set date, time, pick up and drop off locations in advance for their rideshare experience.  Email aaron@promoaffiliates to sign up!

UZURV Affiliate Program

UZURV affiliate program

If you’re familiar with this type of promotion, you know that the UZURV affiliate program is going to excel customer acquisition.  We’ve seen the power of affiliate programs and the trend is continuing to be used with all types of companies.  I’ve even seen an affiliate program for a photography site where you can sell photos!  You obviously are qualified or very interested so contact us to get started.

So UZURV seems great because with works with existing transportation apps.  The user gets to pick which driver they want to reserve and also chat with them as their scheduled ride approaches.  Also, this might help the rideshare apps in areas where the service isn’t always operable for on-demand.  For example, here in Los Angeles, there are areas where Lyft works at some times and not others.  My brother lives in a fringe area and the other day he was going to take an Uber from a basketball game in the heart of Downtown LA.  The Uber prices were extremely high so he checked Lyft.  Lyft said that his destination was outside the available area.  If there would have been a scheduled ride option, he could have avoided the worry.

App Culture’s Newest Service

People who are having trouble are just the type of user you can help when you join our UZURV affiliate program.  Additionally, you will be well compensated because it is such a new service and people will be eager to sign up.  It doesn’t hurt that the name is so similar to Uber.  There are many words that start with the letter U.  App culture is always using strange sounding words.  A few years ago, people were probably asking what the heck is a Google?  Now Google runs our personal and work lives effortlessly.

As a member of the UZURV affiliate program, you are letting rideshare enthusiasts tailor their experience.  They are able to filter drivers by the type of vehicle, amenities, and more.  Drivers have a profile that the user can view to help with the decision.  Additionally, users can set favorite drivers who they know and trust already.  This was a setting with an older transportation app that is no longer around.  I loved this feature and it will help make the UZURV affiliate program even more powerful.

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