UZURV CPA Deals – Promote New Third Party App for Reserving Uber or Lyft

Announcing the best program in online advertising for UZURV CPA deals!  You can make great commission for every user acquired.  PromoAffiliates invites experienced digital marketers to join our campaign for UZURV.  UZURV CPA deals are set up for you to promote a new third party transportation app.  UZURV works independently with Uber and Lyft allowing users to reserve and rank drivers!  So using this service takes the on-demand aspect of on-demand culture out of the equation.   Also, you can choose which drivers you want to ride with and establish a relationship.  Email right away to get started.

uzurv cpa deals

UZURV CPA Deals – Best Affiliate Campaign

So if you have experience with affiliate marketing, you will thrive with this campaign.  We are inviting qualified marketers to contact us.  The ground floor is usually the best place to start with a new service.  Right now, there are 16,000 drivers signed up with the program.  This app is very scalable so the growth will happen at a much faster rate now.  Also, the drivers themselves are promoting and referring both riders and drivers to the app.  I still think you have it better to be a part of our UZURV CPA deals!

It was been a year and the service has 15,000 riders.  These users pay a fee to be able to take part in the service but it’s well worth it.  Your goal is just to get new users to try UZURV.  It is very easy to do this with the right methods.  If you are finding this article, you probably already know what methods you are going to use.

CPA and PPL Affiliates

Pay per lead and other forms of cost per acquisition are excellent methods of both building a customer base and paying affiliates.  Affiliates have the freedom to promote the brand in a variety of ways.  Additionally, this work can be done remotely.  What better opportunity is there than this type of digital marketing?

So with these types of deals, the clients only pay out for customers that actually try the service.  This is the difference between lead generations and actual trials.  For example, we have been marketing Uber for a few years and we only pay affiliates when users take their first ride.  We get data that shows when people input the code and when they actually take the first ride.  The client, Uber in this case, only pays for the first rides.  So a common term for the later would be activations.

Activations are what members of the UZURV CPA deals program care about most.  We want you to get the most activations that you can and will try to help.  But know that we mostly want people that already sort of get.  Also, we are especially excited about marketers who have had success with digital marketing.


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