WeWork Affiliate Program

WeWork Affiliate Program

There’s a unique service that’s starting to become extremely popular. That service is called WeWork! What they are is a new way to rent office space all around the world. Not only does it come with great office space but it comes with a community! A great community that connects people together to work. They have 30,00+ members that have access to health insurance, internal social network, social events, and workshops. As well as fun annual summer retreats. This service is only getting bigger. They currently have 250+ employees and also have 21 locations in the united states. And are also in 14 other countries. Including Australia, Canada, India, China, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands.

They originated in New York’s SoHo district. Started by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey in 2010. They’ve only grown ever since. With a WeWork Affiliate program you can join in on that process and make some money for yourself!

What does PromoAffiliates do?

We’re a team of digital marketing experts. We’ve gotten Uber over 500,000 new users. We’ve also got Postmates over 100,000 activations every month. We work with popular bloggers and social media influencers to promote promo codes. If every activation you get we pay you money. Each pay out depends on which promo code you use. Uber promo codes pay $3 dollars at the moment while Drizly promo code pays $10. We focus mainly on affiliate marketing for all the top on-demand apps. Join us today to begin working on your own schedule and be your own boss! Email s.mew@promoaffiliates.com to get started today!

How to succeed in the WeWork Affiliate Program

A lot of our promoters use their social media following to promote their codes to. The way they succeed however is by providing them with great content. A lot of them will use video to entertain. Usually they will tell a story or act out a scene usually using comedy. This keeps people interested in their content and coming back for more. The better your content is the more people who watch your videos.

The great thing about that is they will recommend it to their friends and family by sharing your link. So you’ll want something very entertaining and work your code into that. This should help you get as many activations as you can by using a form of entertainment. Great thing about that is also that you make the videos at your own schedule. Work whatever days you’d like. With income from the codes you’ll make a great living. You just have to have great content and a following to maximize how much you can make.

Bloggers using WeWork Affiliate Program

A great way to succeed with the WeWork affiliate program is to use blogs. This has an advantage of having SEO (search engine optimization). This helps you get traffic to your site where you host your blogs. However, you also have to make great content on there as well. Give them a reason to stay on your blogs and read on. If you can get traffic and give them a great read, you have the potential to make a good amount of money. Give them something they’d enjoy and share with others and work your promo code within that. Get as many eyes as you can on your codes. Remember the more activations you get the more money you make!

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a way to get google, or bing, or any other search engine to notice your site. You will want to appear on the first page when people search your keyword. You use this by adjusting your site and following the search engines rules to be considered good content. Very useful to drive traffic to an unknown site.

Learn more about WeWork

Let your audience know that WeWork is a great way to save money renting office space. The average office price can run them $10,350 while office space with WeWork would run you around $7,800. Obviously WeWork is a much cheaper option but it is also an easier more convenient option. They will only have to deal with a monthly fee membership. Not a big paper mess. Great flexibility as well. If you only need it for 6 months and then need to go away for 4 and come back again. That won’t be a problem when using WeWork. You can go month by month with them. Not only that but they also provide great benefits for being a part of WeWork.

What are the prices?

With WeWork they have multiple options to go with. Each package comes with different features. The lowest price available is the We Membership, this runs you about $45 a month. Hot desk, will cost you $220 monthly. Then there is the Dedicated Desk, this costs about $300 a month. The last option is the most expensive one of $400 a month called the private office package. To give them more details on each option let them know about this page https://www.wework.com/plans.

What else is great about WeWork?

They provide a connection to many other people who could be in a similar industry as you. This gives you the chance to network and make new business partners. A great way to expand! They also get you discounts to many useful services. This includes things like preferred banking rate with Chase, business financing with Bond Street, and favorable rates on HR services like TriNet. WeWork will be a big part of your success.


This is a great service that will always grow. With so many startups happening this opens the chance to for them to become huge. Another way is by spreading the word and providing new users a discount. This discount comes from using promo codes that you could provide them with. You’ll be earning money back for every activation you get. A great way to be your own boss. Get started today with PromoAffiliates and choose from a vast amount of app companies we work with. Email s.mew@promoaffiliates.com to get started today!

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