YouTube Influencers and a New Kind of Advertising

Basically, digital marketing is about reaching audiences and YouTube influencers allow brands and agencies access to niche markets or subsets of the market. Influencers have topics that they stick to.  When a relevant brand or product is partnered with the right influencer, they have access to the niche market that is already proven interested in those topics.  According to Chute, an influencer marketing solutions firm, Instagram is the go-to platform to work with influencers. The platform has a large user base but even better, it provides more metrics to track return on investment.

youtube influencers

YouTube Influencers and Instagram Influencers


With YouTube you can also track a lot of  logistics. The influencer marketing solutions firm mentioned above does have a good case and what they’re saying. Instagram does have a lot of metrics that you can track. The one that really has limited metrics is Snapchat. Also, they don’t allow people to see how many followers people have where much of their attribution. Attribution of the engagement that people get from posts. So, an example of attribution would be the likes or the hearts or the comments.

YouTube influencers really set the stage though. Because YouTube has been around longer it has propelled many to bigger stardom.  There’s something to be said about a lengthy video or a really well executed short film or something along these lines.

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