Pay Per Referral – How Can it Help You?

What is pay per referral?

Companies often offer pay per referral programs to employees who work from home. It’s a means of incentive for their members to participate in the advancement of company exposure.

This program is widely used by Fortune 500 companies as a means of generating word of mouth.

All that either you or your employees would need to do is share links to social media or to friends and family through email. This will generate traffic for the company and generate income for you.

Companies that run pay per referral programs

There is a multitude of companies that offer pay per referral programs both for their members and for their employees.

Gyms are a prime example. Facilities like 24-hour fitness, and Gold’s Gym offer programs based on either a monetary compensation or non-cash rewards for referring friends. Typically these incentives are extended to their employees.

More companies that offer pay per referral:


Banks are notorious for offering pay per referral programs. You can earn bonuses for things like getting friends or family to sign up for a specific credit card or to open a new account. Be sure to check with your bank to see what pay per referral programs they offer.

Here are just a few programs:

  1. Capital One 360: Receive $20 for every for every referred friend that opens an account, up to $1000 possible.
  1. Discover Card: Receive $50 cash back for you and a friend when then sign up and make a purchase in their first 30 months.

Travel Companies:

Some travel companies acknowledge how expensive travel can be, so they allow their members to receive extra money through referrals. These companies are typically based on independent contracting like Uber and Airbnb.

  1. Uber: Allow you to earn credit towards future rides by referring friends to the app. Drivers who refer other drivers are able to earn up to $500 (depending on region) when the recruit completes a certain amount of deliveries in 30 days.
  1. Airbnb: Lets you send a friend $40 in Airbnb credit, you receive $20 when they travel and $75 when they host.
  1. Lyft: Lyft offers pay per referral options to its’ drivers both for refepay per referralrring passengers and drivers. Lyft offers a $10 dollar bonus for referring new passengers. To refer a new driver, both the existing driver and the one that was referred receive bonuses. These bonuses vary depending on the region in which you work.

Lyft passengers are also able to refer other riders, in order to earn a free ride.

Affiliate Programs:

With an affiliate program, you are able to earn money by linking third party products to your personal sites. Keep in mind that it is imperative to let your users know that you are linking to an affiliate. Just a quick disclosure should suffice. A few companies that offer these programs are:

  1. Barnes & Nobel: offers an affiliate program to their publishers.
  1. iTunes: Offers a pay per referral program based on qualifying sales from your link.
  1. Amazon: Amazon probably offers the most lucrative affiliate program for its users. Not only are you able to earn money when someone from your affiliate link purchases the linked item, but also when yourpay per referral visitors purchase anything from Amazon.

Be sure to keep in mind that the pay per referral programs I have listed is only a few of the numerous types of business and companies that offer them. If there is a company that you really enjoy or are loyal too, definitely check in and see if they offer any kind of pay per referral programs.