How To Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram Following

How to Grow Your Instagram Following

Want to grow your Instagram Following? One of the biggest questions we get from Social Influencers or those attempting to become a Social Influencer is “How do i get more Instagram followers”.

The answer? A lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of dedication.

Sure, you can Google “Buy Instagram Followers” right now and pay an unknown company $50 – $199 per month to help you grow your Instagram Following. What you don’t realize however is that these people are not real people or they are fake accounts that have been set up for the soul purpose of selling you “followers”.

In either case, we don’t recommend doing so. When you buy followers, who are not engaging, commenting or liking your posts, you upset your own Instagram account’s algorithm.

In essence, Instagram will stop pushing your posts to your real followers if they see that you have over 20,000 followers and only a few hundred are engaging. This is called engagement throttling and it helps you in no way shape or form.

It is better to have 500 followers and 400 people who engage, then 1,000 followers and 400 people who engage. Engagement is all you have on Instagram and it must be gained and used responsibly.

Engage, Like, Comment, Follow & Repeat

So now that we know why it’s important to build an organic following when gaining your Instagram following – let’s talk about how to actually do it.

Engage – This may be the most important step in your process. Engaging with other Instagram’s and people who comment on your posts let’s people know you are a live human who wants to mingle.

Think about how great it would be if you received a comment back or a like from one of your favorite celebrities. In much of the same way, individuals who are following you want to feel like they matter. Make sure they do!

Like – When scrolling your Instagram feed or searching #hashtags, make sure you are liking pictures, content, comments and so forth. People pay attention to these things and enjoy knowing they are adding value or things you like to your life.

Comment – Similar to a like, commenting on people’s pages gives you the opportunity to make an impression. Do not automate this process and make sure your comments are genuine. It is a great opportunity to leave someone who follows you or whom you would like to follow you with a long-lasting impression.

Follow – Get follow happy. The truth is that Instagram is based on followings. Unlike Facebook where people are more interested in their own timelines and engagement, Instagram only survives because individuals are following one another and sharing content that can be easily related to.

Take the time out to research hashtags that are directly related to your niche, business, idea or platform. Make sure they have 500 – 1M posts on Instagram and begin following individuals who like the same things you do. If your content is well organized, stylish and relatable, they will follow you back!

Try following 1,000 people a day. While you can only follow up to 7500 at a time, you can always go back and un-follow those while repeating your cycle. This is how organic Instagram Followings are built.

The Break In Period

All new Instagram accounts have a break in period. This is the amount of time (usually weeks or months) where Instagram is calculating your habits. How many people you follow, how many you un-follow, how many things you like and so forth.

When breaking in an account do not be surprised or alarmed if you get banned for up to a week. When we begin to build an Instagram account we frequently experience it. This is Instagram’s way of checking out your profile to make sure it’s a real person with real posts and not a spam bot or automated program.

An Extra Tip

As an extra tip, when creating your Instagram Following, make sure to be fun and creative. Remember, on average there is 100 other people or business’s out there doing what you are doing at any given time. It’s important to separate yourself on your social media platforms using new and innovative ways.

Check out our Instagram grid blog for some fun and exciting ideas.

Let PromoAffiliates Help You

Building an Instagram Following is no easy task. In fact, it takes months and sometimes years when done correctly. Don’t take the easy way out or try to shortcut your social media platform marketing because it will come back to haunt you.

Instead focus on everything noted above and if all else fails contact us. We would love to help brand your business, idea, platform, modeling page or band by helping you to build an Instagram Following

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