What Is Split Testing

What Is Split Testing?

Split Testing is a marketing analysts greatest tool for testing his or her ideas. It can be used for websites, marketing materials, pay per click, SEO/SEM, surveys and more. Also referred to as A/B testing or multivariate testing, it is a method of controlled, randomized experiments that aim to improve how something functions.

More specifically, this marketing methodology is used to take different conditions into account for signup forms, registration pages or call to actions.

Examples of Split Testing

In every A/B or Split Test there is a control and a variation. The control is usually what you have been using or think s the best solution, while the variation is another possibility that you have not tried. It’s not uncommon to test with multiple variations.

Marketing Variations

  • Creating two sign up forms for your website that are randomly distributed to incoming visitors to see which generated more leads.
  • Using different colored call to action buttons to see if one yields a higher click through rate.
  • Website layout arrangement.
  • Flyer, business cards or visual elements.

The Five Steps of Split Testing

#1: Determine Conversion to Improve – In essence, write down or take note of what you’re trying to improve. Are you trying to get more people to sign up for your email subscription list, click a call-to-action or perhaps fill out a lead generation form?

#2: Hypothesize Your Change – Brainstorm what could increase the conversion you determined in step number one.

#3: Identify Variables & Create Variations – After brainstorming what element, picture, form field or call to action could increase your conversation, identify the variables of that element and create as many variations as needed.

#4: Run Experiment – After creating your variations, it’s time to let them run their course. Select a time table for how long each variation will run.

#5: Measure Results – After running your experiment, make sure to plot your data on a chart. This will give you a numeric and visual idea of which variation worked the best.

Split Testing

When not to Use Split Testing

To be honest we racked our brains trying to come up with any possible scenario or situation as to why you would not want to split test. Even if your product, service, conversion page or click through rate is astounding – there’s a possibility it could always be better. We strongly recommend split testing as often as possible to make sure that there is nothing more you could be doing to increase your metrics.

Need Help Split Testing?

PromoAffiliates has ran hundreds of successful split tests for webmasters, business owners, companies, corporations and individuals. Contact us today to help get your split test up and running.

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