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We really do live in an unprecedented are when it comes to technology and conveniences. I mean, come on; this is a world where you can get a ride anywhere by pushing a button. Personal training videos streamed directly to your phone or computers. Endless free music, hover boards, voice-activated home assistants…it’s all pretty cool. But possible the coolest convenience in my opinion, is the ability to get food from almost any restaurant delivered right to you just by using a smartphone app.

I’m talking, of course, about Postmates.

Postmates is well on it’s way to becoming the Uber of restaurant food delivery. Or course, Uber is taking a crack at this themselves, but it’s not as good as Postmates in my opinion. My family, my friends, almost everyone I know uses Postmates, or has used it at some point. Lately it has seen quite a bit of expansion. And thankfully, this has made Postmates more widely available across the Unites States.

But Postmates is still not as big or as widely available as the people who run it would like it to be. And in order to see faster growth and widely accessible, it needs some help to real it’s fullest potential. And that is why PromoAffiliates is looking for people to join the Postmates CPA campaign.

The Postmates CPA campaign explained

Many of the convenience-based smartphone app businesses have utilized similar strategies to achieve their growth. People are more conscious of their money now than ever before, when it comes to becoming loyal customers. Therefore, these app-based businesses sometimes offer a first use for free, or with a discount. This gives the customer a risk-free way to build a rapport, and hopefully become a loyal user. The Postmates CPA campaign isn’t much different than the Lyft one, or Uber one for that matter.

New users can get this discount by entering a promo code before their first use. The promo code is usually given to them by an ambassador. And because the ambassador gets paid every time someone uses their promo code, they usually make a point of showing their code to as many people as possible, because the more people that see it and use it, the more they get paid.

And you can make this kind of revenue with the Postmates CPA campaign, too. As I’ve said before they are looking to grow and expand, and you can help that happen.

How you can join the Postmates CPA campaign

No doubt the opportunity to make mad money is what drew you to this article in the first place. And I’m willing to bet that you want to know how to join the Postmates CPA campaign.

Inquire about joining the Postmates CPA campaign by emailing us at If you are interested in joining multiple ambassador programs as well as this one, you definitely can. Just be sure to mention the ones you have interest in, in addition to the Postmates CPA campaign.

No resume or formal ambassador experience is required to become part of the Postmates CPA campaign. PromoAffiliates encourages people new to the field to apply. There are plenty of articles with tips and tricks on affiliate marketing on the PromoAffiliates website. In. addition to that, I will also be discussing a few different strategies here

However, if you DO have experience with ambassador programs, that’s great. Tell us what companies you have affiliated for. And if at all possible, include your activation numbers.

What do I have to do in the Postmates CPA campaign?

You have only one goal: get your Postmates promo code to be seen by as many people as possible. The strategy you use to accomplish this will be whatever you choose. And you can use pretty much any means that isn’t illegal or forbidden by the owner of the medium you use.

When you’re deciding how you should market your Postmates CPA campaign code, there’s a few questions you should ask yourself. Firstly, how much time do you have to spend on the Postmates CPA campaign? Are you going to dedicate the majority of your working hours to it? Do you have a full-time job already, and plan to work on it as a side hustle?

Whatever your answer is, remember that for the most part, you will get out of it what you put in. This isn’t the one hundred percent ironclad rule, but for the most part it is true. For example, if you build a successful website you might be able to step back a little bit. Some people make over ten thousand dollars a month by doing affiliate programs like this one. But they don’t get there by just spending a couple hours on it per week. If you want to see this kind of return from the Postmates CPA campaign, be prepared to spend the time needed on it.

Not only that, but you should be ready to learn and get used to some things you might not be used to. For example, if you try to build a website without a good knowledge of web design, and then try to make money off it without a decent understand of SEO, then you will not do very well, and you will probably get discouraged and quit. Be humble, and be willing to learn.

What’s the deal with PromoAffiliates? Why am I not emailing Postmates themselves?

PromoAffiliates is currently running the Lyft CPA campaign. This means that we are helping them find new ambassadors while they focus their efforts on managing higher customer numbers. We oversee ambassador programs for many different startups and established businesses. And we are happy to be able to provide the same service for the Postmates CPA campaign.

Some tips for those just starting out

Those of you who are new to affiliate marketing may be rightfully wondering where to start. There’s a myriad of ways to work the Postmates CPA campaign. But for this article, I will only be talking about one of them. No matter which way you choose, remember that every minute put in increases your odds of getting a REALLY good return.


Online affiliate marketing for the Postmates CPA campaign

This method has what I’m pretty sure is the highest return potential. After all, your promo code online means millions of people can see it, and use it. And every one that does increases your payout from the Postmates CPA campaign.

However, there is also the most chance of failure or low return of investment by going online, too. Keep in mind that you are competing with many other ambassadors who are all trying to do the same thing. If you hope to get to the top and take the lion’s share of activations, you need to stand out. And by stand out, I mean you need to do online better than anyone else.

Building a website for the Postmates CPA campaign

An affiliate blogging website is generally one of the more popular ways to do online ambassador marketing. And it is it’s popularity that makes this particularly difficult. Your website will be up there competing with everyone else’s. And for every ambassador who has a better site than yours, your share of the Postmates CPA campaign activations goes down. I don’t want to discourage you, though; you definitely CAN do this one. You just need to do it better.

Starting from the ground up, here. Your website itself should be neat, and very easy to navigate. These are the things that keep people at your website.

Good content on your site is essential

If a great website keeps people on your site, then good content is what brings them there. Content not only fills out your website, but serves as a magnet to draw people in. You can pour your heart and soul into every single thing you put up. Or you can put up a bunch of click-bait. What you do is up to you, but keep in mind that click-bait might give you a bad reputation.

Things that people will enjoy and want to see or read is the key, here. This is really a game of predicting and/or following trends. Though if you’re the one predicting them, you’re already a step toward being on top. The content should, however, be related to the Postmates CPA campaign in some way. A good example would be a restaurant review blog.

SEO maximized the value of your content

Making sure every piece of content on your site has good SEO will make sure each one is worth your time. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, determines how important search engines like Google deem your content. And of course, it will push the content it deems most important to the top of it’s search list. And if you’re at the top when people Google ‘Postmates promo code,’ then congrats; you’re in the money.

In conclusion

As I said before, if you put the time into the Postmates CPA campaign, it will pay off well. And if you need more in-depth explanations of anything I discussed here, you can find related articles on our website. So, I hope you’re hyped about making loads of money as an ambassador. If you are, message us at to join the Postmates CPA campaign!

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