September 5, 2018


Site: postmates

Payout: $15 per new courier that completes first delivery in any market and $25 per new courier that complete first delivery in NY, SF, and CHI

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Postmates recently began an incentive program that guarantees you will make a specified amount of money.

  • Example – Complete 30 deliveries and earn $500. If you earn less than $500 on those 30 deliveries, Postmates will pay the difference.

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  • Depending on the city, you can make up to $1,500/week as a Postmates courier
  • Postmates has increased the amount of money you can make in comparison to their competitors through batching orders. This allows couriers to increase volume of deliveries and therefore hourly earnings and number of tips.
    • Through batching orders, Postmates are able to maximize hourly earnings by increasing the efficiency of deliveries. This means you would pick up another order on your way to delivering the one you already have
    • More deliveries = more money
    • Check out this real example Postmates shared with us:
      • A Postmate completed 7 deliveries in 84 minutes thanks to batching. This resulted in an impressive $41/hour

All Locations: 

Los Angeles Car or scooter $25.00
New York City Car, bike, scooter, or walk $25.00
Brooklyn Car, bike, scooter, or walk $25.00
Miami Car or scooter $25.00
Ft. Lauderdale Car or scooter $25.00
San Francisco Car, bike, scooter, or walk $25.00
Chicago Car, bike, scooter, or walk $25.00
Evanston Car or scooter $25.00
Mexico City Car or scooter $25.00
Phoenix Car or scooter $15.00
Las Vegas Car or scooter $15.00
Orange County Car or scooter $15.00
Long Beach Car or scooter $15.00
San Diego Car or scooter $15.00
Portland Car, bike, scooter, or walk $15.00
Atlanta Car or scooter $15.00
Charlotte Car or scooter $15.00
Oklahoma City Car or scooter $15.00
Nashville Car or scooter $15.00
Sacramento Car or scooter $15.00
Kansas City Car or scooter $15.00
St. Louis Car or scooter $15.00
Raleigh Car or scooter $15.00
San Bernardino Car or scooter $15.00
New Orleans Car or scooter $15.00
Tucson Car or scooter $15.00
Palm Springs Car or scooter $15.00
Honolulu Car or scooter $15.00

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