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By now you may have heard of Pokemon Go. A new app taking the world by storm! Available for iOS and Android smart devices in which people can physically move around the world in order to capture Pokemon. They are fantastical creatures from the ever-popular video game/collectable card game/anime franchise of the name Pokemon!

The game is available for free. You download then open the app. Create an account, you will be greeted by your avatar standing in the middle of a map of wherever you are. The app will use GPS on your phone. While you walk around looking for Pokemon as well as visiting Pokestops.

The second you’re in an area where a Pokemon is available, your phone will vibrate. As a result, the Pokemon you’ve encountered will appear on the map. This is where you’ll tap the Pokemon. Your app will switch to its camera mode where it shows the Pokemon standing.

To catch Pokemon you will need Pokeballs. You can obtain them by checking in at Pokestops. Pokestops tend to be in local landmarks or curiosities: churches, fountains, parks and similar places. Get within range of these spots and select them on the app map. As a result this will hand out an assortment of items, including those Pokeballs.

Many enjoy joining in on the fun as it is great for social media. Enjoy posting funny pictures of your findings. It’s also basically looked at as a huge scavenger hunt. Which is always fun.


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Pokemon Go can be fun for all ages and is a great way to get out there and discover new places. The above lyft promo codes come in handy for situations like this. When using the above codes you will receive $50 dollars free towards your Lyft rides! The app is free so why not get a ride for free and see what you can find!

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