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How 2 College kids made cash running PromoAffiliates

Everyone has heard stories of that one person racking up thousands of dollars in referral credits for startups like Uber and Lyft, there haven’t been many businesses focused on generating revenue solely by sharing other startup’s promo codes. PromoAffiliates team has reportedly been able to quit their day jobs and focused on getting those promo codes out.

The University of Southern California has two Seniors who have figured it out how to do this according to a story  by Fusion’s Kashmir Hill.  However, how are they doing this?

As discussed in the article by Business Insider Promo Affiliates uses in-person and online marketing campaigns for platform giants like; Lyft, Uber, Drizly, Postmates and more. Their campaigns consist of finding brand ambassadors, search engine optimization, and face to face contact.

Lead by Myles Hunter and Ari Stiegler Promo Affiliates has become a centerpiece in the affiliate marketing industry. They mentioned that Uber was paying it’s recruiters $15 a head. They took that same tactic to Lyft and asked for $20 dollars a head, and it worked! “We gamed the system, but we didn’t screw over Lyft. We did really creative stuff that reached a lot of people.” Hunter told Fusion.

Lyft  paid its recruiters less than the eye-popping $20-per-new-user rate, and Hunter and Stiegler stopped recruiting. However, the two men are still netting about $1,000 or $2,000 monthly — they make cash  any time a user signs up with their Lyft promo codes.

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