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Promo Affiliates – How Uber driver made thousands with little driving!

In Joseph Ziyaee’s first month he made $20,000 and only gave one ride!

However, he did not cart someone across the country. he made all this money by simply using referral bonuses he got from sign ups of other drivers.

Overall, he has made about $90,000 in just about six months with Uber promo codes. While making that money he only gave a few actual rides, according to pay stubs viewed by Business Insider. According to Ziyaee, all this started with a hair-line fracture on his foot that made driving uncomfortable.

Having a hurt foot, this inspired Ziyaee to focus on referrals and not so much the driving. He even went as far as turning his car into an office!

He accomplished this by getting nearly 200 people into Uber’s system. He contacted them through friends, friends of friends, word of mouth, and social media, especially Snapchat.

Other contributing factors involved researching the most valuable referral bonuses by area. Cities in need of more drivers would usually offer a higher reward for each new person who signs up.

Although he still does some freelance writing work, he makes the majority of his income with his referral bonuses. Check out some of his Snapchats and pictures with the user name “Uberville”

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