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Promo Affiliates Lead The Way With Promotional Codes

Promo Affiliates has been taking the internet by storm as a promotional affiliate marketing company! In the most recent news they appeared on TechCrunch as one of the #1 ways to help you get your startup’s name, promotional materials and information out there.

While we’ve all heard stories of that one person racking up thousands of dollars in referral credits for startups like Uber and Lyft, there haven’t been many businesses focused on generating revenue solely by sharing other startup’s promo codes. In addition, the team has reportedly been able to quit there day jobs and focus on getting those promo codes out there . How exactly are they doing it though?

As discussed in the article by TechCrunch Promo Affiliates uses in-person and online marketing campaigns for platform giants like; Lyft, Uber, Drizly, Postmates and more. There campaigns consist of finding brand ambassadors, search engine optimization, and face to face contact

Lead by C.E.O Aaron Leupp, Promo Affiliates has become a centerpiece in the affiliate marketing industry. Setting the bar high for everyone was no accident Aaron reports. We love being the first line of contact for startups everywhere!

Interested in working for Promo Affiliates? You can now apply here!

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