Fancy Coupon Promo Code Review

A Fancy Review and our Fancy Coupon Promo Code Click Here

Fancy Coupon Promo Code

Fancy is a well known social photo sharing webstore, that is available on mobile application platform. Fancy was created by Joseph Einhorn. What this great new New York based e-commerce website does is, allows users to engage in socially oriented shopping through pictures feeds and sharing. The jist of it is that, users will be able to purchase different products that they spot on the website. They will purchase it off the website since the site acts as an intermediary between the consumer and the seller of the product. They are continuing to grow fast, great chance to take advantage of a Fancy Coupon Promo Code by clicking here.

More about Fancy and our Fancy Coupon Promo Code

As of 2013, Bloomberg had announced that Fancy has raised about $53 million in funding. This brings the companies overall valuation to about $600 million. Then a couple years later in February of 2015, Fancy was able to raise another $20 million Series D strategic funding. This was led by Mexico’s Carlos slim Domit and the CCC holding company. Also, it turns out that Fancy had a parent company known by the name of Thingd. Thing’d stood for “Thing daemon”. Fancy was thought up of for the purpose of creating an invitation only photo blog. This had more than 5,000 tastemakers and celebrities uploading images. As well as tagging images of their possessions as well. Within two years they managed to grow 25% since their launch.

The reason for their growth is simple, it is a great service. You can give them a try and save money by using our Fancy Coupon Promo Code by clicking here.

Getting started with Fancy

If you are looking for somewhere that you can discover and buy incredible things curated by a global community, Fancy is for you! You can start off by joining Fancy by clicking here. You can create your account by simply using your email address. Also, you can however also just use your facebook, google+ or twitter account to create one with Fancy. Once you create an account you can than save items to your profile by clicking the popsicle. You can add items to lists as well. They will have a wishlist for you to let others know what gifts you are looking for. You could also create other lists just to organize your favorite products that you found. They have the app available for both iOS and Android. Don’t forget to sign up using our link to get you started for our Fancy Coupon Promo Code by clicking here.

Details for your Fancy Profile & Account

Once you have created your account to get started you can set a profile image by going into the settings page. You can also connect your social networks to your profile as well. Just visit the connected accounts page. Here is where you can than connect your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, VK, Weibo, or Renren accounts. This gives you the option to share all of your activity on Fancy with your friends. Don’t worry though, Fancy will never post without having your permission to do so. In the same settings page you can always update your email address in case you need to change that, you can also change your username and password. If you need to set strict privacy settings you can just head over to their preferences page.

If at any point you need to deactivate your account you can simple head over to the account and go back into settings. Inside of settings you can then just choose “Deactivate my account”. I don’t however see any reason why you’d want to do that with such a great service. Give them a try you wont regret it. Just follow our link to take advantage of our Fancy Coupon Promo Code.

How do I purchase on items on Fancy?

Shopping on Fancy is very easy but you will need to know the basics like what payment methods do they accept. The great thing is they accept all major credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. They also however accept payments via, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. You could also use a gift card if you have one since they are available from Fancy. The shipping will show up for you at the items product page screen. You will be notified via email when your item does ship. They provide you with a tracking number as well.

If you do run into any problems with your payment you can always contact Fancy with any Concerns. They can help you with checking out, or completing payments. You can reach them by using their Contact Us page. Don’t forget to get started you can follow our link here to take advantage of our Fancy Coupon Promo Code.

Can you be a Merchant on Fancy?

The great thing about Fancy is you don’t just have the option to buy, you also have the option to sell. Many people use this to make some money on the side. You can be one of these people with a side income by singing up to be a merchant for Fancy by clicking here. You will be able to design your page as well. they provide themes for you to customize and store fronts to set up within the theme. However if you plan on staying on the buyers side don’t forget to sign up by following our link here┬áto use our Fancy Coupon Promo Code.

In Conclusion

Fancy is a unique fast growing company. You can save money by buying from Fancy. You get a great wide variety of items to choose from. Not only that but you can also sell items yourself as well. You can pay using many of the new popular digital currencies as well. Which is still not done by to many companies today. This company is already ahead of them all. Sign up today to give them a try. Don’t forget to use our link here when you sign up to take advantage of our Fancy Coupon Promo Code today!

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