Hooch Coupon Promo Code Review

Hooch Coupon Promo Code “gethooch2” Review

Hooch Coupon Promo Code

What is Hooch?

This is a very interesting drinking app to use. The Hooch app helps you find the finest bars in the city. Not only that but if you have a subscription with them you get one free drink every day. Their bar list is always getting longer and longer. This includes well know bar chains like Sons of Essex, Pergola, rooftop venues like Hotel Chantelle and the Monarch. This also Includes large bar rooms like the Atwood and late Late. All great bars you can go and have a free drink paid for by Hooch, as long as you use the Hooch Coupon Promo Code getchooch2.

How much does Hooch cost?

For everyone who wants to be a member of the app Hooch, you pay $9.99 every month for the service. The great part is if you look at the menus a lot of the drinks will run people about 10 dollars as well. So just with one drink the app pays for itself. On top of that you get to have one drink every day. So you will for sure get your money’s worth with that alone. Don’t forget that you can save even more money by simply using our Hooch Coupon Promo Code gethooch2 when you sign up.

How does the Hooch app work?

Not only does the app itself look great, but it is very simple to use as well! Especially for finding and ordering drinks. Once you download the app and sign up you can open up the app and you will be presented with a map. This map will show your current location. It will then show you all the featured bars that are near you. Once you make your choice on what bar you’d like to go and try, it will give you the lists of drinks. They will include the names and a picture and of course the ingredients. So you’ll know exactly what is in it and what it looks like.

After you’ve decided on what drink to try out for free you can simply click on “Select Drink” and you will be able to go ahead and pick up your drink at the bar. It is as simple as that to use.

Don’t forget if you’re interested in giving this service a try you can use our Hooch Coupon Promo Code gethooch2 and try it out for free. This is the best way to save money on drinks. Start the night of drinking off with a free one and maybe at a new bar you’ve never tried before. Who knows you may find a few new favorite bars for yourself.

Great way to find new bars by using Hooch Coupon Promo Code gethooch2

Hooch is not just all about getting a free drink. It is an amazing way to discover new bars as well! The map shows you all the great bars near by to choose from. It is also great for traveling. If you’re in an area you don’t know very well or never been to before, Hooch can help you find a bar. Just load up the app and see what is around you to choose from. This will show you every venue and also provides images to see if this is the atmosphere you’re looking for when looking for a new bar. You can see the seating, lighting, and drink selection before you spend the gas on getting over there. So to make things even easier you can also use our Hooch Coupon Promo Code gethooch2 when you sign up to save even more money.

How does Hooch make money?

You may wonder how exactly does Hooch make money if they are giving you tons of free drinks? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, the main reason its free is simple. They’re essentially a promotional tool for bars! Bars now have the option to skip on paying thousands of dollars on traditional advertising like newspaper ads and radio ads and tv ads, they can have Hooch get the name out for them. Hooch will offer guest a first free drink with the hope that they will stay and spend some more. Hooch is basically doing the advertising instead. From what the CEO and Co-Founder of Hooch says, it is working great! On average members tend to head out get their free drink, but they stay and spend an additional $30 – $40 at the same visit on drinks.

The ceo has also mentioned that users usually redeem about 16 free drinks a month. Which is pretty great deal for the drinkers out there. The service does cost $9.99 a month, but don’t forget you can try Hooch for free instead by using our Hooch Coupon Promo Code gethooch2 today!

How long does the membership last?

Once you sign up and become a member for $9.99 the service will run for just the month. There is no long term contract to deal with. You pay for 1 month you get 1 month. You pay for 2 months you get 2 of course. The service will auto renew on it’s own, keep that in mind. You may forget to cancel it if you do decide to stop using it. So if you decide to take a break for whatever reason canceling your membership is very easy. Just go to the app and click “cancel subscription” you can find this under “Plans & Billing” from the main menu. Follow the full instructions. The other option as well is to cancel by using a cancellation ticket by e-mailing support@hooch.co. Deleting the app entirely off your phone does not automatically unsubscribe you from your membership.

Before you get to that point however, don’t forget you can give Hooch a try for free by simply using our Hooch Coupon Promo Code gethooch2. Instead of paying $9.99 on your first month you can instead get the first month for free!


Hooch is a great deal for drinkers. You get a ton of free drinks for the month at a fraction of the cost. Also, you can discover great new bars you haven’t been to before. You can give this all a try for free if you’re a new member if you use our Hooch Coupon Promo Code gethooch2 today!

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