Do You Like Sharing Deals?

Hi How’s it going? I’m here live at Venice Beach with one of the top promoters and now a mentor and Promo Affiliates Sean Turtle. Hey! How’s it going? Very good. So I’m here to quickly ask him some questions on how you can get hired quickly and start making money right away. Him along with other promoters have been making thousands of dollars a week without a boss or a nine-to-five job. That’s right. It’s not easy giving away free stuff but somebodies gotta do it! That’s true. So all you’re doing is handing out cards that have free trial promo codes on them from startups and you’re making money? Yes, that’s exactly right. How is that even possible? It’s so easy and after trying it out, a bunch of us quit our day jobs and we do this full time. Wow! Congratulations that’s amazing. Thank you. You know right now we have a ton of promotions going on where we hand out free promo codes for first-time rides, food, grocery delivery and more. From all the biggest apps in the world. And some of our top promoters make thousands of activation’s per week. So if you do the math, this is better than a flat rate or hourly gig. So there’s seriously no limit on how much money you can make? That’s right. There is no limit. You can hand out your promo codes on cards, posters, coasters or more. And the best part is, we’re hiring right now. So you, if you’re seeing this video, please tag your friends and family in the comments below if you think they’ll be perfect for this. If you apply at the link, give us your best methods and ideas on how you can be massively successful on your epic journey with us! Wow thank you so much Sean! I can’t wait. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

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