Lumion Coupon Promo Code Review

Lumion Coupon Promo Code Review

Lumion Coupon Promo Code

What is Lumion?

This is a tool that is incredibly powerful, easy and fun to use. It is effective architectural visualization tool that will give you the ability to build a 3D environment. You can use it to create beautiful images, impressive video presentations, and live walkthroughs! This is the absolute best way to pick up your 3D model and create a scene in a matter of minutes. Act-3D B.V. is the great company that is behind Lumion. They are based in Warmond, The Netherlands. Act-3D is among the pioneers when the first 3D acceleration hardware became commonplace. With so many years of experience in simulation, training, architecture, tv and film, they decided to work on architectural visualization more. Their true passion was in transforming high end visualization technology to something regular AEC professionals can use. Don’t forget you can give Lumion a try and save money while doing it by using our Lumion Coupon Promo Code XXXX today!

What are the system requirements?

In order to take advantage of Lumion your system will require a fast graphics card with tons of memory. They do have a test on their website that will see if your current system can handle Lumion. Click here to see if your system is ready. For a graphics card the minimum they recommend is 8,000 PassMark points, 6GB memory or more and compatible with DirectX 11 or later. They also recommend 64-bit Windows 10. They CPU must also be good, their recommendation would be 4.0+ GHz. Any less would hurt the experience with Lumion. More CPU cores over 4 will not make much of a difference. They recommend CPU’s like the i7-4790K, or the i7-6700K.  they system must have at least 16GB with a very high MHz value as well.

The monitor must also be a minimum of 1600×1080 pixels for the best experience. You also must be sure to have at least 20GB of disk space available for Lumion. For a laptop the similar specs apply there as well. If your PC is ready give Lumion a try and don’t forget to use our Lumion Coupon Promo Code XXXX.

Will Lumion work on a mac?

At the moment unfortunately, Lumion is not available for OSX. They currently also do not have any plans on making Lumion available for OSX. An option to deal with this however is to use something like Bootcamp to install windows. This is used to run windows only programs on a mac. Since it takes part of your hard drive and installs windows on the mac. However due to that process needing to be used, Lumion will not accept any liability claims in situations where the pc is a mac being ran with bootcamp windows. So use at your own risk in that situation. If you do have a mac and decided to give it a try, don’t forget to use our Lumion Coupon Promo Code XXXX to get started today!

Macs are not exactly known for their graphics cards. Therefore there’s a chance Lumion may not run so great on your Mac pc. Lumion provides a page that will let you know if your mac pc graphics card is suitable for Lumion. Click here to see if you mac pc is or not.

Is Lumion compatible with “remote desktop” access?

Unfortunately, Lumion does not officially support any kind of “remote desktop” access. They also have not even hinted at any future support of this either. There’s no support for any even Windows Remote Desktop, WMWARE Fusion, VMWare VDI, CitrixZenApp, Teamviewer, Nividia GRID, XenServer, XenDesktop etc etc. It is known that TeamViewer might let you start the rendering process in Lumion but navigating around scenes and moving objects and what not will not work as expected. All other applications like Citrix and VMWware products will also have trouble running Lumion. So it is best to just use Lumion on a Windows PC with the proper specs. Give Lumion a try today and use our Lumion Coupon Promo Code XXXX to get started today.

How does the system for Lumion license work?

After you get Lumion installed and set up a license with them, what happen is the license is installed on your pc. It is installed as an integral part of the installation files. You can install Lumion on as many PC’s as you want. The number of license keys or seats determines how many PC’s you can use Lumion on at the same time. So if you have Lumion for 1 users you can install it on 5 pc’s but can only use it on 1 pc at a time. You can get license keys however that allows more seats as well. Lumion will require access to an internet connection when you start up and shut down Lumion as well. You will also need it when you need to upload or manage “MyLumion Projects”.  So keep in mind that you need internet to use Lumion. It is not possible to use it offline. You can also always use a phones hotspot for internet connection as well to use Lumion.

To get started today with Lumion don’t forget to use our Lumion Coupon Promo Code XXXX today to get started.

Does Lumion support models from a CAD software as well?

If you have models you’ve done in CAD software don’t worry Lumion supports most common CAD and BIM software. Click here to see how you can take all your models from all the major CAD software into your Lumion. They support file formats like .DAE, .SKP, .FBX, .DWG, .MAX, .3DS, and .OBJ as well.


If you are an architect and need a way to create incredible models with images and tours of your plans, with an easy to use interface, Lumion is for you! The best in the industry! You will need a pretty good windows PC to run Lumion but if you have that, the experience is fantastic! Importing all of your CAD and BIM models is possible so switching to this is no problem. Get started today and don’t forget to also use our Lumion Coupon Promo Code XXXX when you sign up.

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