Lyft Promo Code

Lyft Promo Code

Lyft promo code

Are you looking for a better way to get around town? Have you had sub par experiences with taxis or other ridesharing services? Look no further, Lyft is here to take you where you need to go. Whether you are going out to a local bar or just need to run errands, there is always a driver waiting to pick you up! It is as easy as you think. Download the app on your mobile device to get started. Once you register and provide all the necessary information, you’ll be ready to go! You can even use your Facebook profile to make this process move more seamlessly.

When you open the app, you will be taken to a map where you can see a real time view of where the nearest drivers are and how long it will take for them to get to you. There will also be a couple different options for the type of pickup you will like from a small and cozy ride to a spacious one. Whether you are traveling by yourself or with a group of friends, Lyft will be ready to accommodate you.

Discounts on first time ride

Like with many similar companies, many new users can get a discount on their first ride, or even their first couple of rides. I was lucky enough to be able get a deal where I got five dollars off of my first ten rides. That is a lot of value! If you go out often like I do, you’ll use those rides in no time. I am here to share that same deal with you! This is your lucky day. A lot of us would not use these sorts of applications if we didn’t have that little push. Sometimes, all it takes is a free trial to get you hooked. This is a great way to see if you like the service that Lyft provides without any sort of commitment. If you end up liking their service, why not tell your friends!

The promo code for this deal is: mew. Input this code when asked while booking your ride to start saving!

How to use the app


When you are ready to get a ride, open the app and put in your pick-up address. This can be the exact address or the name of your location. Once you do that, a nearby driver will be notified and they will be on their way to pick you up. The driver will meet you at your location and be ready to greet you. Once you are in the car, you can choose to engage in conversation with your driver or just sit back and relax. It is all up to you. Remember, you only have to share what you want but the drivers are just being friendly. They interact with a lot of different people each day and it just makes their job easier if you engage.

After greeting

After your driver greets you and you are on your way, your driver will usually ask you where you are going or tell them about themselves. For them, it is all about that interpersonal connection, even if it is just for a couple minutes. Many new riders have questions for their drivers, especially about the service and company but that is okay! They are there to help your questions as well. The trip to your destination does not have to be boring and bland. Some of my friends have learned a lot from their drivers or people they rode with, even if it was just for a short time.

Ridesharing around town

Lyft is great for getting around town. You can even put set multiple destinations if you have more than one place to go. Before you finalize your ride request, you can see an estimated cost of the ride, what kind of car you will be picked up in and even information about your driver. This is especially helpful when trying to locate your driver, especially in a place like the airport. You can also see your drivers estimated time of arrival so you can meet them at your convenience.

Like most mobile applications, payment is taken directly from the credit card that you entered or from Paypal. You can choose to save the card information so that checkout is easy and convenient every time. You can also change your payment method at will to suite your finances. If you found your service especially exceptional, you have the option to leave a tip. One hundred percent of tips go to drivers so it is a great way to thank you driver. There is even a good chance that you will ride with that driver again if you decide to use Lyft another time.

For Lyft, the prices are as follows:

Base Price: $2.25

Rate per mile: $1.35

Minimum Ride Fee: $5.00

Cancellation Fee: $5.00

Lyft promo code

It is worth noting that during high demand times, the rates may change. This period is known to Lyft users as “prime time” Examples of these times could include the morning rush hour, Saturday night festivities or around large events and venues. During these times, Lyft will alert you so that you will not have unexpected fees. In the cities that Lyft is in, it is a twenty four hour operation. That way, no matter what time it is, you will always have a way to get to wherever you need to go.

The Lyft Experience


I have had many positive experiences with Lyft. One time, me and a friend of mine were going to a concert in downtown Los Angeles. We had booked a hotel around three or four miles away and needed a way to get to the venue. We did not want to drive because we did not want to deal with trying to find parking in that part of Los Angeles and also it was pouring that night, a rarity in Los Angeles. To get to our destination, of course we used Lyft.  Within ten minutes of me requesting the ride, our driver showed up at our hotel ready to go.

Our driver helped us avoid all the chaos that the rain was causing in Los Angeles that night and even dropped us off in a convenient spot so that we could stay dry. Of course I gave her a five star rating after. We even used Lyft on the way back to our hotel.

First finding out code

I first found out about the code at that time. I actually tried using Uber that night but the driver did not know where to meet us. Since it was raining hard outside, I did not want to take the time to locate my driver. Eventually, I just cancelled the trip because I did not want to have to deal with finding my driver in the rain. That is when I opened my Lyft app and found out that I had this offer. A while back, I actually created my Lyft account with a similar code but never called for a ride until that moment. It was a pleasant surprise and from that point, I used Lyft for all my rideshare needs.

Need a ride to the airport?

I also always use Lyft when I go to the airport. Whenever I must fly somewhere, I have to drive to LAX from my home in Agoura Hills. Not only that, I have to find a place to leave my car for the time I am gone. There are parking services provided by the airport and other private companies but personally, I park my car in a nearby neighborhood and use Lyft to drop me off at my terminal.

If you have friends that live close to the airport in your area, you could consider just leaving it at their place instead of paying for parking at the airport. Usually the price to park at the airport is almost unreasonable, so this solution could save you a little bit of money. As you would expect, I use Lyft to get back to my car as well. Accessing Lyft is easy at most airports as well. There is usually a designated area for passengers to wait for their ride.

The Origins of Lyft

So how did Lyft begin? Lyft was launched in 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer in San Francisco. It is actually a byproduct of Zimride, their rideshare company founded in 2007. Originally Zimride was a carpooling service designed to help university students find rides during the holidays. However, they were having a difficult time retaining users. After some experimenting with the mobile platform, Lyft was born. Lyft launched as an on-demand ridesharing network for short trips within cities. Lyft now operates in many major cities including Denver, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Honolulu, and even Boise!

A lot of their success has been met with hostility from established taxi companies. Both Uber and Lyft made huge strides towards taking away business from local taxi companies and there has been resistance from those companies. They have even urged local governments to bar the companies from operating and to regulate them.  Wherever these companies go, they receive many cease-and-desist orders as well as suspension of their operations. Despite that, Lyft remains a profitable company and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Lyft will continue to expand its services wherever it is needed.

Working for Lyft

Now that you know about the phenomenal service that Lyft provides, how about becoming a driver yourself? According to them, you could make up to $35 an hour. That is better than what most jobs are willing to pay. You will have to register and create a driver profile. You do have to be 21 years of age and own an Android or iPhone. There will also be a DMV and background check to make sure that you are a suitable candidate to drive for Lyft. You must also be able to provide your social security number. There will even be an option to input a promo/referral code.

The current bonus that they are offering is $1000 after you complete 250 rides within 60 days, a very doable task! There is even a calculator on the site that lets you calculate how much money you can make based on your hours and the city that you plan on driving in.

Part time driver

You can even just drive part time if you already have a job that you like. Lyft will let you be very flexible with your hours. They will work with you and your schedule. Whether you want to work just one or two nights a week to full time, the options are endless. This is a great gig for you if you are social and enjoy interacting with new and different people each day. There are even sign up bonuses that range from $500 to even $1000 depending on the city. However, they do require the driver to do a certain number of trips to get the bonus also depending on the city.

Uber drivers

Many people drive for Uber also. For a good amount of these people, ridesharing is a full-time gig for them and is their main source of income. By driving for both Uber and Lyft, the driver can almost always have a ride request to fill. Also, this means that there is less downtime for the driver. If you can multi task well and don’t mind always being on the go, then this might be an option that interests you. I personally know a good amount of people that drive for Lyft to make a little extra cash. Some are even established business owners that are looking for a way to make extra money. I personally know several people that work for both Lyft and Uber and enjoy the grind.


Each Lyft driver has their own unique personality and is ready to make your trip a pleasant experience. A couple drivers I know give each of their passengers a bottle of water. Most drivers will also leave their car to help you with your luggage. This is especially convenient at a place like the airport. Some drivers even go above and beyond in giving their passengers a great experience. One time, my driver took me through the Taco Bell Drive-thru because I randomly got hungry during my trip at no extra charge. I even got my driver a taco!

Continue being a driver

During a driver’s time at Lyft, they must keep at least a 4.6 rating (out of 5) to continue being a driver. For Lyft, this score is totaled and averaged from the drivers last 100 rides. After each ride, the passenger is asked to rate the performance of their driver. If a user rates their driver three stars or less, then they will not get paired with that driver again. Most passengers who had a positive experience with their driver will give a five-star rating but there are some factors that may cause a user to give a lower rating. These can include the cleanliness of the vehicle, the demeanor of the driver and even the route the driver chose to take.

Like the drivers, the passengers will also receive a rating from their driver after each ride. Every driver rates their passengers differently but for the most part, if you are a decent human being during the ride, you will get a good rating. There are many other factors that could influence your passenger rating which can include being prompt when the driver is arriving, whether you were clean during the ride, or even whether you vomited in the vehicle.

The difference between Uber and Lyft

What separates Lyft from other rideshare services like Uber? For one, Lyft is somewhat recognized by the pink moustaches they put on their cars. Because of this, Lyft is thought of more as a casual service. Lyft passengers are encouraged to sit up front with the driver and engage in conversation. Uber operates more like a traditional taxi service but that should not discourage you from engaging in conversation with the driver should you decide to use Uber instead. However, they are more similar than different.

Both services have the customer pay through the app. Both are available 24/7 in their respective cities and both services are on demand. Lyft offers three types of services. The first is the original Lyft car which can seat four people. Lyft Plus uses larger vehicles which can seat up to six passengers and Lyft line, which is only available in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Another main difference between the two is that Lyft encourages riders to tip through the app while Uber does not solicit tips.

Is Lyft safe?

Lyft promo code

One concern you might have is safety. How do you know your driver is who they say they are and is my driver going to keep me safe. Just like taking a taxi, there is inherent risk involved. Like other services, Lyft requires a background check for their drivers. Lyft disqualifies drivers who have charges for violent crimes, felonies and other serious offenses. Lyft also has a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol. With Lyft, safety is a top priority.  According to Logan Green, one of the aforementioned co-founders, people use Lyft because they feel safe with their drivers. There is even a $1,000,00 liability insurance to the trust and safety team of Lyft. There is also a critical response line should something jeopardize your personal safety.

Other Rideshare services

As is the case with most rideshare services, there is inherent risk involved. I am sure you have read many unsavory stories about incidents involving Lyft or other rideshare companies, both with the drivers and passenger. No one wants to experience anything like that. I will gladly say though that those are the exceptions, not the rule. If you exercise all the correct precautions though, you will always be safe when you rideshare. You are essentially taking on the same risks as you would if you were to get into a taxi cab.

Like with the drivers, the vehicles the drivers use will also have to be inspected. The vehicle inspection requirements vary from area to area and sometimes drivers will have to take their car to a mechanic to make sure that the car is ready for service. The inspection checklist is completed during the mentor session.

The nineteen items that are checked are as follows:


  1. Foot brakes
  2. E-brake
  3. Steering mechanism
  4. AC/heat
  5. Front and rear window, and other glass
  6. Windshield wipers
  7. Headlights
  8. Tail lights
  9. Turn indicator lights
  10. Brake lights
  11. Front seat adjustment mechanism
  12. Doors (open, close, lock)
  13. Horn
  14. Speedometer
  15. Body Damage
  16. Muffler and exhaust system
  17. Condition of tires, including tread depth
  18. Interior and exterior rear view mirrors
  19. Safety belts for driver and passengers

Having problems?

If there is a problem with any of the above, it will have to be repaired with proper verification (photos of receipts) before the driver can begin servicing customers.  This check may seem extensive but you don’t want something to happen while you are transporting a passenger, do you? You were probably having those repairs done anyway.

Hopefully by now, you know all that you need to know about Lyft. It is a service that I recommend. With this promo code, you can also start saving as well. If you start to become a regular user of Lyft, why not hand the savings off to a friend. You can use the referral program to get rewards for getting your friends to sign up for Lyft. You can create your own code to help others save. When others sign up using your code, you get certain rewards, mostly in the form of credit. If you refer enough people, the rides will just about pay for themselves. That seems like a win-win situation to me. There are some conditions and restrictions but the most important thing to do right now is to download the app and get a ride from Lyft.

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