Naperville Lyft Promo Code PA2

Naperville Lyft Promo Code

Looking for an Naperville Lyft promo code? We suggest using “PA2” from inside the mobile app. If you’re looking for the low down scoop on ridesharing, continue reading.

If you’ve landed on this page you are either looking for an Naperville Lyft promo code or want to know what a Naperville Lyft promo code is. Well, I have good news for you – today we’re going to discuss both of these topics and why Lyft is one of the best alternatives to taxi’s when traveling in different cities and states.

In short, a Naperville Lyft promo code is a set of numeric or alpha numeric characters that are entered into the iOS or Android mobile application for Lyft. After applying your Lyft promo you will receive a discount on your first ride. Depending on the geographical location you are in when applying the code inside the application, this discount can be anywhere for $5 – $50.

The Naperville Lyft promo code is Lyft’s way of letting new customers try their service for free without enduring the typical cost associated with their first ride. However, keep in mind – a Naperville Lyft promo code will only work one time so make sure to use it when you need it most.

So which Naperville Lyft promo code should I use? Well…we recommend using any of the following for the best deals and offers in your city.

Promo Code Credit Amount Expiration Date
PA2 Up to $50 5/15/2018

What is Lyft

Lyft is a popular ridesharing service that transformed typical taxi transportation from private business owned entities to a service almost anyone could make money doing. Additionally, Lyft has undergone major scrutiny for this from privately owned companies but continues to flourish, year after year.

Lyft is a direct competitor of the popular ridesharing company Uber. While Uber is much more popular in most Urban areas, Lyft prides it’s self on the user experience rather than popularity. Uber, while a sophisticated technology company has seemingly been more focused on marketing and in-app technologies, than providing a seamless experience for it’s customers.

Note, Uber is also a great option for alternative ride sharing and car-pooling and we recommend trying both to see which ride share services fits your style of commute more.

How to use a Naperville Lyft Promo Code

Using Lyft is a simple Naperville and takes no more than a basic understanding of how to work an Android or Apple iOS enabled smart-phone.

Instructions to use Lyft

  • Download the Lyft mobile Application for iOS or Android platforms
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to register your phone number, email and name
  • Set your pickup and destination through the on-screen GPS map
  • Link your payment method
  • Don’t forget to add a Naperville Lyft promo code! (Enter PA2 under the promotion screen from the menu)

How to get an Naperville Lyft promo code for existing users

One of the major questions floating around the internet is “How do I get a Naperville Lyft promo code, if I am currently a subscriber.” In short, you can’t. Once you have used your Naperville Lyft promo code on your first ride, consider that puppy gone. We do have have other options though.

  1. Ask your friends to use their number, create a new account and use their free ride.
  2. You can create a promotional code in your account that allows you to continue getting ride credits when you introduce new users to the platform.
  3. You can join the PromoAffiliates Lyft ambassador program to make a supplemental income, while using it for continued rides. (Discussed later)
  4. You can call your cell-phone service provider and change your number to re-register a new account (We don’t recommend this one but thought we would share)

What cities is Lyft available in

Lyft is available in a wide selection of cities across the United States including Naperville, and even outside of it. If you live in a city of more than 100,000 people, it is very likely that Lyft is available in your area.

For the complete list of cities Lyft is available in please visit this link.

Is Lyft safe

Regardless of what you may have heard or read in the news – Lyft and Uber are both very safe platforms. Drivers undergo extensive background checks before they can begin giving the public rides. In addition, citizenship, valid proof of insurance and a current drivers license are all requirements to become a ride-share driver for Lyft.

If your driver is not being safe when commuting; talking on the phone, texting and driving, or driving recklessly, contact Lyft immediately after the ride. Report your incident so that going forward riders in the future do not experience the same.

For non emergencies you can contact Lyft through this form. For emergencies, you can call Lyft directly at 855-865-9553.

Lyft Riding Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Have access to a debit or credit card (PayPal is also accepted)
  • Have a smartphone that runs Android or iOS

Use an alternative to Lyft – Uber Promo Code TRYFREE

Uber and Lyft are both constantly clashing, and the prize is your business. As a consumer, who you choose is very important to both Lyft and Uber; don’t hesitate to use that.

Interestingly enough, Uber actually came before Lyft did into the rideshare game. Starting operations in 2010, Uber actually went global in 2012, with the United States still being their biggest piece of the pie.

While they might seem pretty similar, Uber and Lyft have pretty different approached to their business. Uber has always sought to present itself as more professional, hence the sleek black logo. Lyft, on the other hand, has always encouraged it’s drivers to stand out, to be unique. In a way you, could say that Uber is PC, and Lyft is Mac.

If you decide to give Uber a try don’t forget to use Uber Promo Code TRYFREE to get $20 towards your first ride!

What is the Lyft ambassador program?

The Lyft ambassador program is offered by PromoAffiliates to those who qualify as an opportunity to earn an extra income. As a Lyft ambassador you are responsible for distributing your own promotional code. To make back a dollar amount on activations.

To apply to become a Lyft ambassador please submit your resume to Make sure to include your name, number and why you believe you would be a good candidate for PromoAffiliates.

Want to drive for lyft?

Now that you have taken your first Lyft ride, you’re familiar with how ridesharing works. If you would like to become a driver, jump on over to our Lyft driver promotions page and start your new career as a rideshare driver today!

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