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Traveling. We all have to do it at some point in our lives. Everyone experiences it, some people even get used to it. Whether you’re a traveling salesman who does it regularly, or you’re a self-proclaimed ‘digital nomad’ who dedicates yourself to seeing as many places as possible, going from A to B is part of your life. Even if you’ve never set foot outside your hometown, you still travel places.


And any time we travel away from our home for an entire day, we’ve got to stay somewhere else. Usually when you think of temporary lodgings, you thing of those tall buildings or those short, dingy little plazas.


I’m talking about hotels and motels. Some people travel to certain places so much the staff at hotels know them on a first name basis. Some hotels have really nice, clean rooms that make you feel quite kingly when you stay there. Others are the opposite of kingly; tiny, musty-smelling rooms with toilets that can’t even take toilet paper.


What do they all have in common, though?


          Well, I would have to say that no matter the quality, they always cost more than what they should. Not only that, but I find that last-minute travelers never have much of a choice. It’s not like you have time to go from hotel to hotel to inquire on price that night. You’re kind of stuck with whatever lodging is closest to you.


Then came something else


With the popularity of convenience-based smartphone apps, eventually it touched on the travel industry. An app called Airbnb was born, and it served to connect travellers looking to stay somewhere with hosts willing to rent to them. This gave people another way to hunker down for the evening, staying at a home instead.


People actually began t strongly prefer the homestay option of Airbnb. This is mostly due to the fact that homestay felt more ‘personal’ and they felt more in touch with the area they were in. Hotels all kind of look the same once you get inside the rooms. But no home is without the individualistic, cultural touch of it’s homeowner – something travellers can feel and see.


However, there was still something missing. Travel doesn’t usually plan itself, and neither does life. True adventure is a more…spontaneous affair, and things happen fast. And as a traveller, sometimes you might find yourself in need of lodgings that same night. This is more difficult to achieve with AirBNB. And that leaves you back where you started: with hotels as your only option.


USED to be the only option…not anymore.


          Overnight is a smartphone app that sought to correct the big hole that AirBNB had left. It is also a smartphone app that allows you to book homestays with hosts willing to rent. However, the big difference is that with Overnight, you can book your place to sleep on the same day…even the same night!


This accommodates for that randomness that the traveling lifestyle seems to throw at is quite a bit. Now anytime you’re left without a place to stay, you can book a place INSTANTLY. And with an Overnight promo code EXPLORE1, you can try it out at a heavily discounted price.


Plenty of times when you might need something like this!

Overnight Affiliates


          I travel quite a bit by plane. And sometimes things happen; namely, flights get cancelled and you’re stuck in a strange place until noon the next day. One particular time this happened, I was stuck in Toronto…a city I’m very unfamiliar with. They were giving people complimentary rooms at a nearby hotel for their troubles. I got in line, and by the time it was my turn to get a hotel voucher, the sun had started to rise again. It was too late.


If I had used an Overnight promo code, I could have taken an Uber to my homestay area and got a good night’s sleep. Because I waited in line like a chump, I lost an entire night’s sleep. I was also on my feet literally for over six hours. And when you’re wearing steel-toed boots like I was…it was horrible.


But it’s not just for traveling, either…anytime you need a last minute place.


          I have a friend who doesn’t have a very good marriage at his home. It seems like every week or so he’s having a big fight with his wife. And it seems like at least twice a month, he has to spend a night somewhere else. He’s frequently ‘in the doghouse,’ so to speak.


This guy has spent at least a thousand dollars in total between the three hotels in our area. If he had an option like Overnight (he does now,) it might ease the burden a bit. Like I said, least minute hotels tend to be more expensive. So by using Overnight, he’s begun to save money from his stays. He even got his first homestay almost for free with the Overnight promo code I gave him.


And as far as his marriage…hey, it’s not my place to judge. They’ll work their own affairs out.


Digital nomads rejoice!


          It’s people like that that the Overnight promo code is basically meant for. The ability to book a room somewhere in the moment is invaluable to those experienced with real travel. It’s also a lot less stressful, and allows you to enjoy your adventure all the more. It’s more fun if you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to lay your head at the end of the day. Rest easy knowing that you can get a place at any time with your Overnight promo code.


So what’s the story with Overnight?


          Overnight was started, as I said before, to fill the hole left by AirBNB’s own homestay connection service.  It was started by three partners: Artia Moghbel, Ethan Kravitz, and Asher Hunt. These three believe that travel can make a person into a more well-rounded, open-minded soul. And they believe that travel shouldn’t just be a luxury, but it should be a lifestyle. It should he something that’s available to everyone. And personally, I think an Overnight promo code is a good start.


A lot of people ask what separates Overnight from other homestay apps. The app creators don’t deny the deep comparison with their predecessor, AirBNB. But Hunt claims that he saw some holes in AirBNB’s structure. It was too rigid for those who wants to be hosts. And from a guest’s point of view, the overnight booking left a lot to be desired.


Hunt has said that AirBNB is doing a wonderful thing, but that they’re not doing it right. People are being more spontaneous when it comes to homestays. And AirBNB severely lacks in that department. Millennials especially are used to being able to do things instantly, and n the fly. Planning is increasingly taking a back seat when it comes to travel.


Overnight addresses that concern by making last-minute bookings their top service. And with an Overnight promo code, you can try this for yourself.


So how does Overnight work?


As a guest, the first thing you’ll want to do obviously is download the app. And have your Overnight promo code on hand, because it only works for the first use.


The app shows available homes close to your current location. This is proof that the app is specifically designed for those who have not booked a place to stay yet, and are unfamiliar with the area they’re currently in. And with your Overnight promo code, it might be practically free.


When you’re looking for accommodations, you have three different options. The first one is a shared accommodation. This is the cheapest, and is generally something like a couch in someone’s living room. The second option is a private bedroom. This is a bit more expensive, but in my opinion it’s worth it. You get an entire room to yourself, which generally means un-interrupted rest for you. Your Overnight promo code might offset the cost of this a bit.


The third option is the most expensive, but it might be worth it depending on the situation. You can rent an entire home! This means that the whole house is yours to stay in until your rental is up. This would be perfect for groups, where people usually need several beds and different rooms. An Overnight promo code would definitely make the cost of this easier to deal with.


How to install and set up Overnight


You can download the Overnight app from the app store. Unfortunately, it’s only available on apple phones through iOS. So if you have an Android it won’t work. They’re trying to fix this issue, though, so hang tight…it may be available in your future. Updates about different apps come through regularly on our website here, so hold onto that Overnight promo code for later.


You’ll need to make a profile next. Overnight requires you to link it to your Facebook account in order to make things seamless. Push notifications will also need to be enabled. This is so you can be notified of a request if you’re a host, and changes if you’re a guest.


Overnight encourages you to share as much about yourself on your profile as possible. The more you share, the more comfortable people will be doing business with you.



Then, you can go to your profile and add a photo and main description. You’ll need to verify everything once it’s done. Grab your Overnight promo code and keep it handy for the next step.


Entering your Overnight promo code


          You might want to pay close attention here. The Overnight promo code is only good for your FIRST RENTAL. Forget to add it, and you’ll pay full price, and lose the opportunity for a discount.


You can add your Overnight promo code by opening up the app and pushing the ‘menu’ button. This is located in the top left corner of your device’s screen. Push the ‘payment’ button, and enter your Overnight promo code in the box marked for it.


You can only have one promotion active at any one time. But right now, the only one you should be using is the Overnight promo code EXPLORE1.


You know, I’ve got a spare room in my own house. How do I become a host with Overnight?


          Did you use your Overnight promo code, love the experience and decide you want to do the same for travellers?

Looking to beef up your monthly income by turning a spare room into a homestay for travellers? Overnight is a great avenue to do that through!


To list your place, you’ll need to have an Overnight account already set up, obviously. Simply push the ‘become a host’ button on the menu, then push ‘start your listing’ on the next page. You will need to add some photos of your place. Make sure your place is clean and looks nice for the pictures!


Let Overnight know what type of accommodation your listing will be. Will it be a shared accommodation, a private room, or an entire house?


Then you can use the slider to set the nightly price for your place. After that, set your latest available arrival time, and the check-out time next to it.


Underneath that is a place to write a description of your listing. Make this as detailed and as appealing as possible. You will also, if course, have to put your address in (Residential address, no P.O. box please!)


There is no set quota for how many days you host. You can hose as many or as few days as you want, since it doesn’t cost you anything to list your place.


How do I know Overnight has my back if something happens?


Every verified host get limited incident coverage. This is also called the Overnight hosts’ guarantee. They want to ensure that you’re comfortable and have piece of mind during every single time you host.


Overnight guarantees coverage on a case-by-case basis for things being broken, structural damage, etc. And I would imagine the same coverage applies if something is stolen from your place.


The guarantee doesn’t cost you anything, but you do need to have some things. First off, you need to have some form of  homeowner’s or renter’s insurance during the stay. You need at least two pictures of the accommodations, a nice description, and an accurate address. Also, you need to have verified Facebook info, credit card info, government ID, phone number, and bank payout info. You also need to actually have a guest in the home at the time. The guest must also be fully verified, too.




Features above and beyond what we are used to


Overnight will also let you know if you’re connected with a certain host already. It does this by showing you if you have any Facebook friends in common. This allows you to pick the host you’re most comfortable with, if there is one nearby.


Last minute things tend to happen very fast, and overnight understands this. Once you make an inquiry, the host has ten minutes to respond to it. The app will move on to the next one if they either decline or don’t reply. If they don’t reply, then their rating goes down slightly. This rating system leaves them more accountable than they would be otherwise. And future renters will be able to see if they’re neglectful like this too often.


Guests pay using the app, and afterward they rate their experience as a whole. Do NOT forget to use your Overnight promo code during payment. Again, it’s a first-time user promo code, so it only works for your first rental!


Are there any other things I need to know about booking?


          Yes, actually. There are some other minor details you should need to know.


Cleaning fees

The cleaning fee is something that’s factored in based on what the host sets as their per night price. For example, if your host says fifty -five dollars per night, then the cleaning fee is part of that. It sounds confusing, but there’s a reason that it’s done like this.


Overnight saw hosts using other platforms using the cleaning fee to tack on large amounts to the price for their room. This keeps the price honest, and keeps confusion to a minimum. And generally, guests are happier as a result. And of course, using your Overnight promo code can drive that price down even more.


So how does payment work?


Overnight is a completely cashless system. They take payment the same way that Lyft and Uber to. When you set up your profile, your credit card will be one of the things you enter into it. After your card is verified, you can stay anywhere. Don’t worry about cash for paying your host cluttering up your wallet.


Is there a limit to how long I can book for?


          Right now, the limit for the amount of days you can book a single stay is for five days. There is a ‘re-book’ feature if you wanted to stay longer. Simply re-book once your stay is up, and you can get the same place.


However, this option may not be available if someone else books the room for the next day before you do. Also it’s important to note that the Overnight promo code will not work for your next stay. It is valid on your first stay only.


Does Overnight have a cancellation policy?


Yeah, they do. As long as you cancel your booking less than an hour after you make it, you’re good. You’ll get everything back except for a fifteen dollar booking fee. But if you cancel later than an hour after booking, you get nothing back. In Willy Wonka’s words, “You get nothing. You lose. Good day, sir!” I’m also not sure if you get the credit for your Overnight promo code back when cancelling or now.


But please, don’t abuse the system. If you cancel too many times, then Overnight will ban you. Then nothing, not even an Overnight promo code, can get your profile back.


Is there a way I can talk to my host?


          After you make your request to stay somewhere, you can message your host if you have any questions or accommodation requests. There’s a messenger that’s built right into the app. Overnight encourages talking to hosts beforehand, so that you know about any particular specifics. Especially anything that that don’t mention in their description.


While you’re staying at your rental, you can still message your host if you need to. You have the option to call or text too, but try to keep your communication within the app. This keeps your communications private.


What happens if I get there and the host asks for additional fees to be paid?


According to Overnight themselves, this should never happen. The entire thing is supposed to be cashless. There should be absolutely no hidden fees. If this DOES happen to you, immediately contact Overnight by using their contact information.


Is there a way for me to book a stay somewhere a day in advance?


Nope. There’s a reason the app is called ‘Overnight.’ It’s meant only for people who need to book a stay somewhere that same day. But I wouldn’t worry about that. It’s pretty rare that there would be NO ONE available in your area. Just remember to use your Overnight promo code when you do find a host willing to rent.


Is there a way for me to rate my host?


Yes. You’ll be given the option to rate your host after your stay is done. Hitting the check out button will prompt you to give them a rating, and a comment. This lets people know what to expect when they choose that particular place. I would also take this moment to share your Overnight promo code with other travellers looking to stay!


Any final things I should know?


That’s all the things you need to know as a renter or as a host. If you have any other questions about how Overnight works, you can check out their website. So whether you just want to get away, or if travel is part of your everyday life, give it a shot. Grab your Overnight promo code and download it!

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