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PromoAffiliates is one of many affiliate companies that is riding the wave of affiliate marketing. To get involved with us, email and he will sign you up.   It is really easy to start working with us. PromoAffiliates is looking for experienced digital marketers.  Whether you have a blog or a knack for search engine optimization, we want to work with you! We have a number of marketing campaigns for some top merchants.   We have been promoting Uber for over three years. The great thing about some of the start of this that we promote them with a promo code. This means that people can try the app for free for the first time. This is extremely popular because it is less of a commitment than buying a product.

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PromoAffiliates is  mainly working with digital marketing specialist to promote merchants. We do have some other affiliate deals with retail giants like target and Walmart but we also have deals with Amazon and Alibaba.  Is important to have all of your bases covered and to branch out. Here at PromoAffiliates,  we are about making you the best that you can be. And one of those Waze is to market several different merchants.


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