Rover Coupon Code


Rover Coupon Code

Rover Coupon Code is available if you click here for a great new service for dog owners! this service called Rover, is also great for dog lovers. This is perfect if you’re in need of an in-home dog boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, or even a dog day care. Rover will get you connected with trust worthy dog people who’ll treat your pets like family! Also, Rover is also an award-winning technology business whose goal involves making pet care safe, easy and of course affordable. Rover is available in over 10,000 cities today. They also have over 85,000 dog sitters! With 95 percent of their reviews being 5 star reviews.

They have bookings for dog sitters every minute of every day. This great service is perfect weather you need a dog sitter so you can take care of whatever you’d need to do, or if you need your dog to be taken out for walks every day by someone trust worthy. Rover is the perfect service for that. You can also save money with your first use of Rover by following this link to use our Rover Coupon Code today.

What services does Rover offer for your dog?

The great thing is they really do it all. With a nationwide network of animal lovers available to you to connect with, they can book you for basically any dog services needed. Such as Dog boarding, where your dog stays overnight in a dog sitters home. They also offer house sitting where the dog sitter will watch your dog overnight in your own home.

Doggy day care is also available where you drop off your dog at a sitter’s home in the morning and pick them up in the evening. Dog walking of course is also available. You can get your dog a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood.

Also, Drop-in visits, where sitters stop by your home a few times in a day for about 30 minutes at a time to feed and play with your dog. Doesn’t matter which one of these services you’ll need, you can save money by clicking here to use our Rover Coupon Code.

How do I pick the best sitter and walkers to use from Rover?

All of the detailed that have been displayed of every sitter and dog walker who lists their services on Rover have all been individually reviewed by Rover. All of the sitters and dog walkers available must be at least 18 years old. They have to build a profile with as much details about their pet care experience, upload photos and requests testimonials. Once those details are provided Rover will take them and have them go through a review by their Rover Sitter success team. They will only approve the best and most trust worthy.

They turn down about 20 percent of the applicants. The people behind the company are all dog owners themselves. This lets them have a good understand on just how important your dog is to you. So, they provide a service they’d want and trust for you to use as well. They always take the applicants and run a general background check. They require new sitters and dog walkers to take a safety quiz as well. All before listing their services on rover.
They also must provide verified reviews from pet parents just like you.

Also, there’s premium insurance for all stays and walks booked through rover as well. Of course, before you finalize your decision on who you want to take care of your dog, it is best to have a in person meet and greet to be sure that’s who you want. You can also do all of this and save money on your first try of Rover by clicking this link to use our Rover Coupon Code today.

What do the badges mean on sitter profiles?

As you go through sitters profiles you’ll notice there are badges, these badges represent their commitment and their high quality care. There is also ribbons as well but the best to notice are the background check badges that show the sitter has completed a background check. Also a Rover 101 bade that means the sitter has taken and passed Rovers 101 quiz to demonstrate the skills and knowledge it takes to give your dog the best care it deserves. There is also the protection package program badge. This badge represents something that is no longer available for renewal.

There is also a Rover Pack badge that is another program that is no longer active. This was to show the sitters who would grab jobs at last minute requests. Now Rover has so many sitters there should always be someone available so that program is no longer active.
There are tons of great dog sitters and walkers available. All qualified as well. Take advantage of this and give Rover a try. You can save money of course by using our Rover Coupon Code by clicking here.

How to book a sitter or dog walker

Once you’ve picked out a dog walker or a sitter and you’ve also met with them, you are ready to book the gig with them. Once you are ready for this just load up Rover and go over to your “Inbox” by selecting the envelope icon on the upper right corner of the screen you are using. Find the conversation that you had with this sitter or walker that you want to book under pending requests.

You can then click the Book now button from this view as well. Find the gray box on the left to review the service details and select book it now or if your sitter has already accepted the request on their end just select Accept request. Once It has been accepted on both ends the service is booked. Before you do all that sign up using our link by clicking here to use our Rover Coupon Code as well.


As you now know this is a fantastic service for dog owners and dog lovers. Connects people to give your loving pets the best service available. From the most qualified and trust worthy people out there. Give this service a shot if you fall into this category by clicking here and saving money on your first booking.
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