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ShipStation Promo Code

What is ShipStation?

If you don’t know ShipStation is a great web based e-commerce and shopping cart for your business. It was designed in Texas by ShipStation themselves. The purpose of ShipStation is to lend a hand to retailers, in order for them to manager their shopping carts, and supervise their e-commerce and retail processes. This is a perfect service for small and medium sized retail shops. If you happen to run a business and need a way to implement all of your online business marketplace, then this is perfect for you! Even if you already have a system for that in place, you can still benefit from ShipStation! Something you can do is automate shipping rules, and offer discounts as well as many different retail aspects. The most common user of ShipStation are small and medium size companies from all over the world.

Some well known companies who use ShipStation are Vintage Confections, Crane & Canopy, Impact Mouthguards, Dr. John’s Candies, FringeSport, and Candy Galaxy. There are of course many more! You can get started today and save money by utilizing our ShipStation Promo Code by clicking this link! Once you sign up you will receive a free 30 day trial! No credit card required.

How does it work after using the ShipStation Promo Code Click Here

The thing about ShipStation is you will not need to install or implement any hardware or software changes on your current system. What happens instead is with an online login the system is already up and running for you in just minutes! It will provide you with a great simple and intuitive tool system. This is all for fulfillment of your shipping orders. The shipping is automated using hierarchical rules and provides support for over 40 sales channels to choose from. Also, discounts are able to be implemented on various parameters like a parcel insurance and USPS shipping.

You can also use it to consolidate and have reports of various costs and earnings, FBA integration, branded labels, on shipments, international customs forms, combine and split orders, multi-location support, permissions management, and user auditing. You can also Save money when you first sign up to try out ShipStation by using our ShipStation Promo Code by clicking here! This will get you a free 30 day trial with no credit card needed!

How much does it cost after using the ShipStation Promo Code?

By using our ShipStation Promo Code you get a free 30 day trial but you must be wondering just how much will it cost after your 30 days are up. Well it all depend son what package you choose. they provide six SMB and enterprise pricing packages for users to choose from. Below are all the packages available.


This will run you $9 per month. this comes with 50 shipments a month. All selling channels. You have access as 1 users. Branded labels and packing slips will be an option for you. and of course e-mail & community forum support.


This package will run you $25 per month. This one comes with 500 shipments a month, All selling channels as well. You still only get 1 user. and of course branded label,s and packaging slips, email * community forum support.


With this one you will pay $45 a month. However, you get 1,500 shipments a month, all selling channels. This time however you can 2 users! Customized packing slips & branded labels, and of course the live chat, e-mail & community forum support.


This is the Gold package that will run you $65 a month. This comes with 3,000 shipments a month, all selling channels, now you get 3 users! and of course the customized packing slips and branded labels. Live chat, email & community forum support.


The platinum package now runs at $95 a month. The great thing is you get up to 6,000 shipments a month. You get access to all the selling channels, 5 users this time. Customized packing slips & branded labels, and of course the live chat, e-mail & community forum support.


Now we have enterprise, this one costs $145 a month. However, the best part is you get unlimited shipments a month! All selling channels of course. This time you get 10 users! Customized packing slips & branded labels, and of course the live chat, e-mail & community forum support.

Don’t forget no matter what package you end up going with you get to always start off with a free 30 day trial with no credit card required! All you have to do is use our ShipStation promo code by clicking this link!

What devices support ShipStation?

The great thing about ShipStation is that it is compatible with basically any device you may have. If you have a windows pc or phone, you have access to ShipStation. You can even use it while on your Android phone! Of course iPhone and iPads work as well! With in mind you can also use a Mac if your an all apple user! The reason it works with everything is due to the fact that ShipStation is web-based. They have language support for many different languages. If this is sounding good to you don’t forget you can start off with a free 30 day trial by using our ShipStation Promo Code! All you have to do is click this link here! You will be able to start your free trial without the need to enter a credit card as well. No risk involved at all!

How do I contact them for support?

If for any reason you need to speak with ShipStation. You can submit a ticket for support here. They have support ready for you Monday – Friday at 8 am – 8 pm CDT. They are usually closed on major US holidays and critical incidents are monitored 24/7.


Weather your a small or medium sized business, if you need a great system to help deal with orders and shipping, this is for you. A great system that can handle all of your info keep track of it all and help you provide shipping labels. Compatible on every device you may be using. You can get a free 30 day trial without the need of entering your credit card info. All you need to do is follow this link to use our ShipStation Promo Code today!

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