UberEATS Coupon Promo Code Discount

Coupon Promo Code Discount

Uber started UberEats in 2014 after their success with their taxi services. Uber started it in San Francisco in august as an experiment as they also wanted to step in the food delivery game. It was first named as UberFresh but they changed it to UberEats soon after their success in 2015. Now they are balling with this and are available in whole lot of cities. Uber as well all know provides promo codes cause why not. Its great for marketing. If you are thinking of ordering food and you don’t want to shell a lot of cash out of your pocket, why not download UberEats and use the UberEats Coupon Promo Code Discount we are giving. This will help you out in two ways, you save some cash and you get some amazing food. So lets see how you can get one for yourself!

Coupon Promo Code Discount

Coupon Promo Codes: 

Atlanta  ATLPromo2
Phoenix EATFREE2
Memphis MemphisPromo2
Nashville NashPromo2


Uber is known for dropping promo codes for their new users. Its like their thing and because of that everyone loves Uber. And it is not surprising. I mean who doesn’t want free ride or cheaper food? Promo codes also attract new people. It’s a good marketing strategy. So if you want your UberEats Coupon Promo Code Discount all you need to do is sign up on UberEats and you get yourself 10-15$ off your first order.

Here is an UberEats Coupon Promo Code Discount : “EATFREE2”

The above code also gives you 10$ off your first order which is amazing. Unfortunately these codes do not last forever. But here is a catch. Uber keeps offering new codes with new offers periodically and personal referral codes if you know where to look for them. Its not like they are difficult to find. Some celebrities also keep dropping their referral codes on their social medias like Snapchat, Instagram or twitter. You just need to follow the right ones. But once you are done activating the codes, you are now an existing user since you have registered using the promo code. But don’t you worry. Uber keeps throwing codes here and there for existing users regularly!

Let’s now see how you can apply your UberEats Coupon Promo Code Discount


You need to follow some easy steps to add a UberEats Coupon Promo Code Discount in your payments :

  1. Open the UberEats app and go to the menu.
  2. Select PAYMENTS
  3. Select add UberEats Coupon Promo Code Discount
  4. Enter the code “ EATFREE2 “ and tap apply.
And now you have successfully added a promo code which gives you 10$ off your first order. Use it well! Some people might be using older versions of the app. In that case, follow these steps:
  1. Open the UberEats app and go to the menu.
  2. Select PROMOTIONS
  3. Select add UberEats Coupon Promo Code Discount
  4. Enter the code “ EATFREE2“ and tap apply.

Once you are done adding the promo code, it gets activated immediately. Promo codes for some reason act in reverse orders of how you are adding them so the most recent one will be applied to your delivery.


You should keep a periodic check on the promo codes. You should make sure that all the promo codes you have are used before they get expired. I mean after they are gone, you can’t do anything expect regret over not using them . The eats promo codes expire after a few months and once they are gone they are gone for ever. Now you guys are thinking, how you can check on the expiry of the codes. Here is how. All you need to do is go to the Payments tab and then you can see the expiry date and all the other information about what the codes do like how much off does it give or how many free deliveries can you get and stuff like that.

After you are done using the code, you are now an existing users and the codes are not available to you anymore. Now you cannot utilize the new sign up codes. But don’t worry. There are whole lot of other ways you can get promo codes like referring it your friends or n something like that.


People are always excited to use a new app because you get a promo code as soon as you sign up on the app. But after you are done with signing up, there are less chances of finding codes and that excitement starts dying. While there are less ways to get promo code, they are not that hard to find. All you got to know is where to look and what to do. Uber apps are designed in a way which attracts new users so if you are an existing user you need to do more digging to find your thing. There are two main categories from which you can also get your benefits. These are as follows :

  1. Uber Referral
  2. Friends/Family

Lets see both these two options in details.


Uber Referral is one of the most effective way to get promo codes for existing users. After you receive a personal invite code, what you can do is spread it out to your friends, family or anyone else you want to. If you already have an uber account you can earn some free rides also after passing out your personal promo code which can make you up to 20$ once your friends have signed up. Though remember, they will only be able to use it after their first delivery which has 10$ off.


Using referral program is also very easy. Anyone who knows basic smartphone stuff can do that. What it does is it connects to your phone ( permissions ) and with the help of that you can share your code. You can email, whatsapp, text and post the code on various social media sites like facebook and twitter. Once you are done with your contact list you’ll see the build up of the uber credits in your account.

Referral system is also a great way of making free uber credits. Give out your personal referral code and boom you have some uber credit in your account. Share it with your friends, workers, family or a stranger. It can make some good credit and get you a lot of discounts. And you can use the referral code again and again unlike the new user promo code. The more you share it, the more people are attracted. Get creative with the ideas. Any new user that uses your code to sign up to the ubereats gets his first delivery 10$ off and it gets you some credits as well. So it is mutually beneficial!


Customize your code.

The default referral code you get is very long and it is mixed with letters and numbers randomly.

So it can be very difficult to remember that kind of code. What you should do is customize the code. To customize your code go to the promotions and then you edit the code the way you want and then you share it with your friends and family!

Print Out Fliers.

Design your fliers and print them out and hand them out in the world. Go to the parties, hand them to everyone who is looking for good afterfood or give it to a friend who is holding a party but doesn’t want to spend too much!

3. Social Media.

Obviously, social media is an amazing way to share the codes. Social media is made for connecting people, Why not connect your brothers from another mothers with great deals. You can share your codes on snapchat, instagram, facebook or twitter, wherever you want. It can be a blog post, an instagram post, a status update or a tweet, whatever you want it to be. You just need to know which platform works best for you. But there are some ways which are not allowed as they are against the Uber’s regulations. Those are using earch engine tools like gooogle. So you can’t use Groupon or GoogleAdwords or you will lose your free ride credit. But you can post your code on the website that you own. Just share your codes where you can get traffic!


Next time before ordering, check who hasn’t signed up to ubereats. Tag along with friends who still haven’t signed up with it if referral code isn’t your thing.

TIPS FOR USING UberEats Coupon Promo Code Discount “EATFREE2”

Apply the code before ordering so it can be applied to the fare. If you do it after ordering the food the code will be applied to the next one.

They are only valid for a single delivery. If there is any amount left it will not be added to next delivery. It will instead disappear. So order something worth the code.

The codes have expiry date. So make sure to check it under promotions so you can use them before they get expired.

They might not be available in specific areas. So make sure about the areas as well.

They can’t be saved for later. Once you have applied them they are going to be used for the next delivery.


You need to be at least 21 years old.

Must have at least 3 years of driving experience.

It’s a must to have a clean driving record.

You must be able to provide social security for background checking.

Must have an in-state car in your name.

You must have an in-state car registration. This doesn’t need to be on your name.


You should be away from any drug offenses or DUI’s for last 7 years.

Also, you should always carry your license and insurance.

You should have no criminal history.

No reckless driving.

No history of fatal accidents.


UberEats was an experiment started by Uber in august 2014 as they wanted to step in the food delivery market. They came up with UberFresh later renamed to UberEats in 2015. Also, they haven’t looked back after that. They are as of now in these cities.

North America

South America





They are soon coming to India as well!

Lets talk about the mother company, Uber and why Uber came up with UberEats.

Uber is a taxi service providing company founded in 2009. The company was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalnacick as UberCab. Garrett Camp has also founded StumbleUpon.
Ryan Graves was initially the CEO but after a while he stepped down and made Travis, The CEO and became COO himself.

Uber has Baidu and Google ventures as one of their biggest fund raisers. Ventures has also funded 258 million dollars and Baidu

Uber also changed its name from UberCab to Uber in 2011. Also it is the biggest startup in the world with 68 billion dollars.

According to the company the service is available in 66 counties and 545 cities and it’s still going on.


They partner up with different restaurants in different cities and offer variety of dishes. The restaurants to participate keep changing the dishes everyday.

Sometimes they even have some famous local chefs who bring pop up shops there for some special occasion which sounds fun

So basically it works like every other uber app. You download it from the app store for apple devices or Play store for android. After that all you gotta do is add your delivery address and then a menu shows up with all the food items which the restaurants near your area provide. And then you can easily order from variety of food items rather than going out and getting your food yourself . Plus its fast. 5-10 minutes it is as they already are there.


When it was launched first in 2014, it was not a separate app like it is today. It was merged in the same Uber app. And it wasn’t called UberEats as we know it today. It was called UberFresh.

Right now it’s in a separate app with a fork on the logo with Uber’s signature color.

The app looks sleek Andis well designed with all the information needed

The app shows ETA. It shows where the driver is and how far he is just like Uber does with its taxi service providing app.

Overall using the app is very easy and it’s pleasing to the eyes

Another good thing is that they do not use any stock pictures for their menu. So you get what you see which is amazing.

If I had to rate the app I would give it a 5/5 because it’s easy to use. Even a layman can use it and it’s not difficult to order and doesn’t lack any main features.


Uber has done a lot of this in past. Uber which was started in 2009 in San Francisco. By Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. Till now Uber is in 311 cities and in 58 countries. That is a big thing to be honest. It has been the biggest startup till now earning over billions.Uber is a massive project but they don’t hesitate from experimenting. They started UberMoto in Paris. It was a good experiment but they discontinued it in later stage. UberMoto is still available in India.

There was UberKittens in which you could also purchase the option of cuddling kittens and all the proceeds were given to animal shelters. Such a cute way to help out animals. There is UberPool. UberPool has an amazing story to tell.

There is a story that two people who met on UberPool got married. I mean how amazing this is. UberPool is another cheaper way for people. People carpool together and it’s a good way to meet new people. Its fun according to me and also a lot of my friends. Uber is a kind of company which doesn’t shy away from risks. They believe if they don’t take risk, they won’t be able to get bigger.

UberEats is soon opening in India and is fighting big beasts like Swiggy and Foodpanda which are already stronger here. UberEats has a lot of things to cover up before they can beat them. Prices are another topic but the way UberEats works , traffic is going to be a big issue.

I am going to compare Postmates and UberEats

I am just comparing Uber eats and Postmates as I have heard about them being the rivals in USA

Lets First talk about UberEats :

Positives :
1. You don’t pay a lot for the food which is being delivered
2. The food is delivered faster than any other services like Postmates, Grubhub etc.
It takes like 10-15 minutes whereas 45+ minutes on the other food services
3. UI is sleek and smooth as compared to other apps.
Negatives :
1. No customization.
2. Limited choices
3. Limited service areas

Now lets talk about Postmates Positives :
1. Can get food from wherever you want which is under Postmates delivery services.
2. Customization is a big deal as you are getting it directly from the restaurants.

Negatives :
1. It is much more expensive than UberEats. It might be double the price of that available on UberEats.
2. Delivery time is much more than that of UberEats. Where UberEats takes like 10-15 minutes, Postmates takes 45+ minutes to deliver which is nothing comparable in front of UberEats.

UberEats just need to expand more and I think it will beat postmates easily in this market.


Uber gives an option to choose different types of taxis. UberPool, UberGo, UberX, UberXL,
UberBlack and UberLUX. It also provides jobs to a lot of people. The jobs are both flexible and independent. There is also a tracking option where you can track where your car is on your smartphone app. It is also very easy to use the app. It also shows the fare estimate of the price you’ll be paying.


UberEats was first launched as an experiment in August 2014 under the name Uber Fresh. It was launched in Santa Monica,California.

It was rebranded and also changed to UberEats from UberFresh in April 2015. They have expanded the service throughout the 2015 both internationally and domestically. Today it is available in 9 total cities and there is no stopping.

They have put the ubereats in ansepereate app whereas it was in the same app before under an option called Eats. `

In 2017 they have also brought UberEats in India’s major cities which are Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai,Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

Lets now conclude this :

So I think this concludes that I love this app and I will take this app over another app. It’s reliable , fast and also reaches anywhere it can. Uber has revolutionized it. Where as there are some cons like limited food options, but I don’t think it really affects since most of the time food is similar. And there isn’t really a delivery cost. Plus you also get 10$ off your first delivery which is amazing. UberEats gonna blow up real soon everywhere and I am sure people can’t wait to use it. Uber has said in their blog post that it is going to be launched soon in India in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai soon.

I will obviously recommend this app to everyone.

Make sure to also use our promo code : “EATFREE2”

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