The Black Tux Coupon Promo Code Discount

The Black Tux Coupon Promo Code Discount

The Black Tux Coupon Promo Code Discount

There is a great new service designed to provide the best way to rent a tuxedo or suit. This new service is called The Black Tux. They use great expertise and technology to bring an amazing and incredibly easy experience. The Black Tux invests in only the highest quality garments on the market. You’ll find options from their collection of suits that would normally cost you about 1,200 dollars or more. However you only pay retail! Of course you can also save even more money by using The Black Tux Coupon Promo Code Discount XXXX today! So if you’re in a need of a tux whether it be for a special occasion like a wedding or prom or a business event, use the Black Tux service to get the best value.

How much in advance should an order be placed?

To order a tux you should place it as soon as you know the official date of the event. That will be the best thing to do in order to receive it on order and to avoid rush order fees. Not only will it help save money to order in advance but it makes sure you get the exact tux you’re interested in. Waiting till the last minute may leave you with less options on what you can wear for your event. The order you place must be placed at least 3 weeks or 21 days in advance of your event date. This will ensure that the package you ordered will arrive 14 days in advance.  Order a tux for an event that is less than 5 business days away will leave you unable to complete the check out for your order.

Don’t forget when ordering your tux in advance use The Black Tux Coupon Promo Code Discount XXXX in order to save even more money.

How is the rental returned?

Once you are done with the rental, returning it is not difficult. When you receive, your rental make sure to save the box it came in. You will be using the box to return the rental with. When you receive your rental they will also include a pre-paid return shipping label. So, once you’re done with your rental you just need to put it back into the box. Put the return shipping label over the original shipping label and you can take it to a FedEx drop-off location. Or the other option would be to schedule a Fedex pick-up if that is what you’d prefer. You just need to make sure you use FedEx and not something like the US Postal Service or UPS. The label was paid for FedEx to handle.

You will also need to make sure that you are returning your items within three days of the event. If you return it past the 3 days grace period, you will have to deal with some kind of a fee. If there’s a special reason why you will not be able to return it within the 3 days for reasons such as travel just make sure you to contact them. You can contact the customer care team by e-mail. Also contact them if you’ve lost your return shipping label.

How can I try on a tux?

They run a program called The Home Try-On program. This is a free service that will give you the option to try out the items of your choice at home for 47 hours. They will send you up to 4 available items. It will include 1 suit, or tux, one vest, one shirt, and one tie, to try out for quality and fit.


You can choose your own way of getting your measurements to them. You can do it yourself and use their guide, click here. Or you can get measured by a tailor and provide The Black Tux with the info.  They just require you to provide your measurements submitted at a minimum of 30 days before your event date.

What sizes do they carry?

Jacket chests: 34-58 (even only)
Pant waists: 28-52 (even only)
Shirt necks: 14-20 (full sizes only)
Shirt sleeves: 32/33 to 36/37
Shoes: 6-13 (full sizes only)

At this moment, they do not carry child or youth sizes.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel the rental a fee may apply. However, it does depend on when you cancel. If you find out the event is canceled or for whatever reason you don’t need the rental anymore, if you cancel before it ships a full refund is provided. Just contact the customer care team to let them know. They will also let you know the status of the order. If your order however has already shipped or is already at your home, a refund will not be issued unfortunately. You will be able to apply your Black Tux promo code to the next order if this is your first time.

How does payment work?

When your sizes have been entered on your rental and when you’ve completed the check out process, you will be charged. You may however notice a transaction pending authorization on your bank account. This is normal and usually takes about 72 hours to clear. Whatever the price may be for your specific order don’t forget you can save money on your first order with The Black Tux Coupon Promo Code Discount XXXX.

In conclusion

This is overall a great service to use if you’re in need of a suit or tux. They have suits for all occasions. From weddings to business you have many options available. This will eliminate the time spent driving and finding a good store. You can have the store in the palm of your hands with your phone or pc. Not only that but you get great quality options with a great low price to go with it. You’re wallet will thank you for making this choice. Add to your savings by using The Black Tux Coupon Promo Code Discount. This will help you save as much money but show up in style! So if you’re interested in saving money to dress on your next event make sure to use The Black Tux.

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