Caviar Promo Code

Caviar Promo Code

This great new app provides delivery from curated list of amazing restaurants in your area. All for a flat fee of $9.99. This is a great benefit since a lot of the companies on the list do not offer a delivery service. This creates delivery for many restaurants. They delivery beyond the usual delivery range as well! The CEO of this company is Jason Wang, he is also the co-founder. He has a much different resume for the food industry. He has a history of working with finance and professional experience with google. Caviar originally launched with 30 restaurants in San Francisco in March of 2013.  They claim to also have reached profitability by summer of that year. They since then expanded to New York and Seattle in November. You could also save money when you first try Caviar by using our Caviar Promo Code XXXX.

How is Caviar different from others

Caviar does however have other competitors. Such as Seamless Web, Grub Hub, and However, Caviar does stand out by having much better prices for the delivery. When you browse the lists of restaurants on other apps, it seems to be very cluttered. The service with Caviar has a total of less than 50 restaurants. They carefully pick out the best restaurants to use for service. Instead of having 50 different places for 1 specific type of food they choose 1 restaurant for each kind to keep things more simple.


The design of Caviar is also a major plus. The website itself looks and runs great. Nice and sleek. Getting started by making an account is very simple. Every item to choose from has a great photo of the dish. They take pride in their photography. They hire their own photographers for exhaustive process. Wang himself claims, “No one else is doing this.” They claim the process to get 60 images for the menu took about four hours to complete. They used Jake Dell of Katz’s Deliciatessen. He is a Caviar client. When going through the Caviar website however don’t forget to use our Caviar Promo Code in order to save off your first order.

Caviar users

According to Wang, about 40 percent of his customers are corporate. These orders apparently also account for 65 percent of Caviars revenue. The prices can be a little steep on some meals. They up the prices on a lot of the items. Here’s an example. At a place called Corner Bistro, they will charge $8.75 for a burger. However, on caviar that same burger goes for $9. Noodles that would cost $7.95 run for 8.70 on Caviar. The strange thing is that some items are the same price as they are at the store. Ontop of that you still have the $9.99 fee. Taxes also have to be added into the mix. They also however have a mandatory 18 percent gratuity applied to all orders.

So as you can see the orders can be a little pricey but the convenience is great! To save money on this price however, don’t forget to use our Caviar Promo Code XXXX to save money off your first order!

The order process

To start the process, you must select pick up or delivery. Enter your address and your desired pick up or delivery time to see the availability. Click “Next”. Then you will have to click on the restaurant phto to browse through their menu items. Once you choose what you’d like you can add items to the cart. In the popup window. Once you’re ready to check out, just click the shopping bag icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You can then add special instructions for the item or order in general. You can just click Edit if you’d like to edit the special instructions for an item that has already been submitted.  After that you can then finish up by adding your payment details. Don’t forget you can save money on your first orer by using our Caviar promo code XXXX.

What if you have incorrect items?

If your order was done for delivery, you’ll need to contact them here. They will do their best to take care of the situation. For pick up the same thing can be done if you need help but since you’re at the restaurant to pick it up you can just let them staff know there and they’ll take care of it for you.

Receiving referral credits

With Caviar everyone can also earn Referral Credits. There are just a few requirements for that to work. Your referral must successfully place and complete an order within 30 days of singing up. They also must have ordered $15 or more for you to receive the referral discount. Once the first order has been done, you will receive the associated referral credit to your account. This will be available for you to use at any point from that moment on. However, keep in mind that the credit will expire in 30 days. So use it as soon as you can. Don’t let free money disappear. The referral will not work if it turns out that the person had used Caviar in the past. They have to be 100 percent new users for the Caviar referral credit to apply to your account.


Don’t forget that there is a tip option you can adjust the dollar amount. In order to add a tip after the order has been delivered you can simply just go to the feedback form on your mobile app and add a tip for them from there.


Although it may seem a little pricey, Caviar is a great service. Well worth the extra price. They bring you the food from places that normally don’t offer delivery. They provide you with a great looking website and app in order to give you an easy process in ordering. They have the best restaurants on their list. The options are great and so are the images to help you make the decision. This is an all-around great service to try. When you decide to give it a try don’t forget to apply our Caviar Promo Code XXXX to save money off your first order.

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